Friday, July 09, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: The Real Chinese Virus – Totalitarianism

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Amazon and The Wires of War: Technology and the Global Struggle for Power
The Real Chinese Virus – Totalitarianism: And Magazine
The Biggest Question: Who Illegally Unmasked Tucker Carlson?: J.D. Rucker
Naming the Capitol Police Officer Who Killed Unarmed Jan. 6 Rioter Ashli Babbitt: Paul Sperry

Migrant Kids Held In Biden Shelter By Monitors With No Experience In Child Care: Daily Wire
What Happened to Bill Barr? | Truth Over News: ET
WH hid buyers of Hunter's $500K paintings to 'avoid' ethics issues: Daily Mail

Business Insider Compiles Database To Track Former Trump Officials: DC
SF Leaders Out of Touch as City Descends Into Lawlessness: Jarrett Stepman
Reimaging Austin Police: Absolute F***ing Lunacy: BattleSwarm

Day Two – The Fourth Branch of Government, The Intelligence Branch: CTH
HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra Decrees Government’s Job to Know Who’s Been Vaccinated: CTH
Schools Use ‘Equity’ as Trojan Horse for Toxic Critical Race Theory: Tamra Farah


Wells Fargo tells customers it’s shuttering all personal lines of credit: Hugh Son
The Pitfalls of Biden’s Universal Pre-K Proposal: Spectator
Biden’s American Families Plan would expand entitlements deep into the nation’s middle class: Hoover

Nunes seeks to stop California from shuttering last nuclear plant amidst energy crisis: JTN
‘Financially Hobbled for Life’: The Elite Master’s Degrees That Don’t Pay Off: WSJ
The Costs of Biden’s Big Government: Star Parker

Scandal Central

J.D. Vance Says Google Is 'Conspiring’ with Communist Chinese Government: Alexander Hall
New Evidence Indicates Enough Illegal Votes In Georgia To Tip 2020 Results: Margot Cleveland
James O'Keefe Has Twitter on the Backfoot After Massive Legal Victory Against Them: RS

Pelosi's husband bought up to $11 million of Big Tech stocks as House moved on reform legislation: Nihal Krishan
Techno Fog Tracks Fusion GPS Recent Efforts to Avoid Litigation Discovery: Techno Fog
License To Monitor: National Strategies, The Capitol Police, And Tucker Carlson: J.E. Dyer


Why I’m Suing Big Tech: Donald J. Trump
Tucker Carlson’s Monologue Tonight On The NSA Spying On Him and Leaking Contents To Journalists: Bugle
Portland Antifa ‘model’ arrested for the fifth time at violent protest: PM

Confirmed: Undercover Agents Were Working Capitol Rioters on January 6, Court Documents Reveal: Kyle Becker
Gun-Death Hoax Faked the Facts, Which the Media Echoed: John R. Lott Jr.
New Social Media Platform Gettr Says No to Cancel Culture, Yes to Free Speech: Virginia Allen


Global Coronavirus Death Toll Hits 4M and Climbing: Simon Kent
US Navy Calls Black Sea Drills "Essential" As Russia Threatens Military Response: ZH
Iran's nuclear activity is concerning, says Saudi official: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

NIH Spent $140 Million On Animal Testing In Foreign Countries Last Year, Watchdog Group Finds: Daily Caller
No COVID-19 booster shot needed 'at this time,' FDA and CDC say: Jeremy Beaman
Plant-based meat not nutritionally the same as real meat: study: Jeanette Settembre


Alive And Kicking Back: Stilton’s Place
Lego Insurrection: Instapundit
I Say You Should Continue To Avoid The Plague At All Costs: MOTUS

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Anonymous said...

Mandated vaccines, oh boy.
When I die I want to go like Joe Biden fast asleep at the wheel - not like the screaming passengers in his car.