Friday, July 16, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Nancy and Paul Pelosi Making Tens of Millions in Buying Stocks in Companies She Regulates

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Pelosis Making Millions in Buying Stocks in Companies Nancy Regulates: Glenn Greenwald
US Surgeon General Asks Big Tech to Censor Voices on Vaccination Safety: CTH
Democrat Congresswoman Arrested After Leading Left-wing Insurrectionists Into Senate: ET

Good News! BLM Praises Genocidal Cuban Government: Human Events
How Biden's Cuba handling weighs on battleground Florida: Katherine Doyle
Biden Nominee’s Deleted Tweets ‘Raise Serious Concerns’ About Fitness to Serve: ET

Bill of Rights Under Threat From ‘Quasi-Totalitarian Movement’: Scholar: ET
A Reminder About Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley as a Political Operative: CTH
Trump Responds to Report That Top General Suggested He Wanted Post-Election Coup: ET

Massive 2020 Vote Fraud Fortifications Confirmed

Fulton County Audit Uncovers Massive Evidence of Fraud: Becker
Arizona Senate Seeks More Voter Data as Election Audit Raises Questions: Fred Lucas
Maricopa Auditors Seek Envelope Images, Splunk Logs After Finding Discrepancies: ET

Tucker Carlson Outlines Fulton County, Georgia, Ballot Fraud: CTH
AZ Chairwoman Ward Recaps Stunning Senate Hearing About Maricopa County Audit: CTH
Pennsylvania County Refuses Participation in New 2020 Election Audit: ET


Dynamic flip: Democrats warm to budget tool Schumer once dubbed ‘fake math’: Emily Brooks
Road race: Democrats force vote on fragile bipartisan infrastructure deal: Susan Ferrechio
Opponents of critical race theory in VA subjected to harassment campaign: Robert Zimmerman

Scandal Central

GOP wants answers on missing and wiped Mueller team phones: Jerry Dunleavy
The White House Just Confirmed Facebook Works as a Government Censorship Tool: Katie Pavlich
Jury goes inside Democratic donor Ed Buck's 'Gates of Hell': Tori Richards

Lawyers to question Andrew Cuomo in sexual harassment inquiry: Report: Jeremy Beaman
Wow, White House Admits, “We are flagging problematic posts for Facebook” to take action on: CTH
Longtime FBI signature expert says Hunter Biden signed receipt for abandoned laptop: JTN


Oh, That Luke Harding: Glenn Greenwald
New Spelling Bee Winner Is Left’s Worst Nightmare: Cal Thomas
Gallup Poll: Only 21 Percent of Americans Trust Newspapers: Turley


6 Things to Watch During Cuba Protests: Fred Lucas
‘This is Thievery’: Gordon Chang Decries China’s Didi Crackdown Days After IPO: ET
Nigeria: Muslims murder 18 people in Christian-majority southern Kaduna State: Robert Spencer

Ted Cruz Sends Inspiring Message to the People of Cuba: Nick Arama
Mass Protests Erupt Across Greece As Government Bans Unvaccinated From Public Spaces: ZH
Archaeology: Enemy of the Palestinian Arabs: David Lange

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Study: Two in five people in U.S. who died of COVID-19 had diabetes: Dennis Thompson
In scientific first, brain implant turns paralyzed man’s thoughts into ‘speech’: TNW
Physicists Levitate a Glass Nanosphere, Pushing It Into The Realm of Quantum Mechanics: David Nield


This Letter From A 27-Year-Old Who Was Dying Of Cancer Will Change Your Approach To Life: BuzzPeed
Nunes: John Durham report is coming, some people will go to prison: Sara Carter
There’s No Cause For A Llama: MOTUS

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