Saturday, October 23, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: AG Garland Gaffes: Missed Leftist 'Insurrection', Admits Unions Steer Policy, Shrugs Off CRT Conflicts

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Garland Gaffes: Ignores Leftist Insurrection and CRT Conflicts, Admits Unions Set Policy: ZH
Loudoun County can't stop lying: Kaylee McGhee White
Feeding the Liberal Flock: The Real Reasons for the Congressional 1/6 Committee: Greenwald

The Chicago Marxists and Woke Political Followers are Fracturing Western Society: CTH
Biden Builds 'Wall' Around His Delaware Beach House, Makes Us Pay for It: Breitbart
A JetBlue Jihadist? The Great Press Cover-up: Chris Farrell

The Ideology Behind Biden's Disastrous First Nine Months: Victor Davis Hanson
New Immigration Numbers Prove Biden Border Crisis Is Worst In History: Tristan Justice
Man Travels From Portland to Kill Matt Gaetz, DOJ Yawns: PJM


The Telescreens in Your Home Are Watching Your Every Move: Robert Spencer
Pain at the pump: Biden admits ‘I don’t have a near-term answer’ for high gas prices: Post
Lawsuit Targets Massachusetts Public School System for Racial Segregation, Censoring Students: Signal

Scandal Central

NIH Scrubs 'Gain-Of-Function' Definition From Website After Wuhan Bombshells, Rand Paul Vindicated: ZH
Black, female DC police officers say they were given ultimatum: Have an abortion or be fired: Maureen Breslin
The 17-state complaint against Google’s (alleged) monopolistic ad tactics is amazing: Leah Nylen


Alec Baldwin Shoots Two People, Killing One, During Filming in New Mexico: CTH
Alec Baldwin's Gun Loaded with One Live Round in Place of a Blank: Stephen Green
Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ camera crew walked off the set in protest before the fatal shooting: LAT

Cancel Culture Takes a Big "L": Matt Taibbi
YouTube Removes ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Song as Reports Indicate Similar Actions Taken Against Others: RS
For CNN, Dead Jews Don’t Count: David M. Litman


Biden's vow of Taiwan 'commitment' the latest mixed signal on Chinese aggression: Jerry Dunleavy
Officials warn that China's technology dominance could give it decisive military edge over U.S.: Daily Mail
Armada Of 10 Chinese And Russian Warships Is Sailing Around Japan: The Drive

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Covid vaccines will keep you from acquiring full immunity even if you're infected and recover: Alex Berenson
US intelligence warns China could be creating world’s biggest ‘genetic database’: Sarah Sharples
CDC Officially Announces Mix n Match Booster Jabs Endorsed by Political Healthcare System: CTH


My Libturd Warehouse is Overflowing: Woodsterman
The Day 2 Million Mile Joe Got His Own Train Station: Diogenes
Is The Babylon Bee Actually Satanic?: MOTUS


commoncents said...

Video - Dave Chappelle 8 Funniest Jokes Ever , That Will Make You Laugh

Anonymous said...

When the CDC says IT IS ok TO mix vaccines it falls into the role of vaccine development and the scientific use of Adjuvants. This is discussed in detail on the High Wire Episode 236, jump to minute 102 at the Vaccine Safety Summit where adjuvants will be discussed in detail.

Please, please, this is the CDC's hail Mary pass and their football is insanity.

Anonymous said...

Total eradication of covid: