Saturday, October 02, 2021

Wedding Weekend Quick Links: Puzder, Hanson and McCarthy

Given the Spackle Wedding Weekend, I will be filling in for the semi-dynamic duo. My name is Pippa Peppicoat, and I'm Biff's understudy at the DRJ. This is my first time writing up news links, so be gentle please.

••• The $5 trillion (not $3.5 trillion) Democrat reconciliation bill is intended to transform America into a permanent welfare state, writes Andy Puzder. New child tax credits are not linked to any work requirements, which will incentivize more single-parent families dependent on the government for subsistence.

••• The wealthy, rich and professional class feel awful about inequality, but hardly enough to mingle with the rabble. Victor Davis Hanson excoriates the hubris of wokeness exhibited by our elites, from AOC to LeBron.

••• Even Andrew McCarthy, an apologist for the nefarious activities of the DOJ and FBI under Comey and Wray, states that the latest inspector general report makes it clear the FISA program "should be ended, not mended".

••• President Trump has asked a Florida judge to force Twitter to reinstate his account, stating that the social media giant "cancelled [his account] under pressure from his political rivals". The 45th president asserts that Twitter "exercises a degree of power and control over political discourse [that is] profoundly dangerous to open democratic debate."

••• Given the sleep-walking Biden Presidency, no one should be shocked that China is becoming increasingly belligerent against Taiwan, with new incursions into the Taiwan Defense Zone. China flew nearly 60 sorties in the ADIZ on Friday and Saturday, the most in history.

••• "They tell me I shouldn't", says Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, lobbying law students to oppose restrictions on mid-and late-term abortions in Texas. Her political advocacy regarding a matter before the Court, in Jonathan Turley's opinion, undermines the integrity of the Supreme Court.

••• At last, a judge has asked prosecutors why violent BLM and Antifa rioters in D.C. were treated so differently than 1/6 protesters. “I think the U.S. attorney would have more credibility if it was even-handed in its concern about riots and mobs in this city,” Judge McFadden stated.

••• The list of Hunter Biden and Biden family corruption charges keeps growing, writes Peter Schweizer. Hunter's paintings sell for as much as $500,000 each to secret buyers, which is "obviously a back-door scheme to funnel money to the president's son from foreign sources". And Democrats have no interest in investigating these activities.

••• There is new evidence of the the FBI's involvement in the 1/6 riot. The New York Times recently confirmed that the FBI had at least one informant at the Capitol during the riot. Given the Times' track record, it's probable that they are getting in front of further revelations that mimic the "Whitmer 'Kidnapping' Plot".

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