Monday, October 11, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden Administration Tries to Use Intimidation to Silence Parents

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Biden Administration Tries to Use Intimidation to Silence Parents: David Harsanyi
Biden Exempts Some Crimes by Illegal Immigrants as Basis for Deportation: Fred Lucas
They’re Back! Elites Want to Break Wyoming Using Afghan Evacuees: RSR

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellations, Pilot Response to Vaccine Mandates: CTH
The WEF and the Pandemic: SWPRS
Political Propagandist Anthony Fauci So Sad COVID Cases Dropping Rapidly: CTH

Harris Skips Meeting With Mexican Officials to Go Politicking in New Jersey: Rick Moran
Texas rancher asks "Where in the hell is [Kamala]?" as Senator tours border: Hot Air
The ridiculous push to regulate Facebook/Instagram: Hot Air


A Southwest Airlines pilot explains what’s happening: Berenson
People’s Republik Of California: Say Goodbye To Your Gas Mowers And Lawn Implement: Cove
‘Global stilling’ blamed as wind speeds drop across Europe and threaten to drive up energy prices: WSeetOnline

McConnell warns Biden: Because of Schumer's tantrum, we won't help raise the debt ceiling in December: Hot Air
Staff shortages lead to 'unprecedented' disruptions for Washington State Ferries:
California law bans small off-road gas engines, including lawnmowers and chainsaws: Asher Notheis

Scandal Central

Threatening Memo From A.G. Merrick Garland to Parents Comes With Serious Conflict of Interest: Jarrett Stepman
'They Have Blocked My IP Address': mRNA Vaccine Inventor 'Blocked' From Reading NE Journal of Medicine: InfLib
The answer on SCOTUS nominees is in: Merrick Garland favors restricting personal freedoms: John Ruberry


If This Is True…: Market-Ticker
Why don’t liberals know what conservatives believe?: Examiner
Flashback: The Truth About Columbus: Jarrett Stepman


Tensions rise after Taiwanese president says China's plans offer no 'free or democratic way of life': Asher Notheis
China unleashes ‘humpback’ Type 094 nuke subs that can reach US with stealth upgrades amid WW3 fears: The Sun
US Arrests Navy Nuclear Engineer And Wife For Trying To Sell Submarine Secrets To Foreign Power: ZH

“Papers Please” – New South Wales Australia Officially Celebrates Their First Day of Covid Apartheid: CTH
What Does Joe Biden's Health Have to Do with the Future of Taiwan?: Pete Hoekstra
The death of SE Asia’s democracy icons: AT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Scientists identify natural SARS-CoV-2 super immunity against 23 variants: Dr. Sanchari Sinha Dutta, Ph.D.
Ivermectin .vs. Covid In A Poor, High-Density State: Market-Ticker
Double-jabbed Brits suffering 'worst colds ever' could have Covid without realising: Milo Boyd


Timeline of The Great Reset, Remaking the World Into a 1984 Dystopia: M. Dowling
A Few Steps More Toward Authoritarianism: Rajan Laad
Goodbye Columbus*: MOTUS

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