Friday, October 29, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden Wants To Give Separated Illegal Immigrants $450,000 Per Person

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Biden Wants To Give Separated Illegal Immigrants $450,000 Per Person: ZH
Memo Revealed: DOJ Blueprint to Persecute and Intimidate Parents: Renee Nal
Mark Zuckerberg funded quiet takeover to help Democrats in 2020 election: Fox

Democrats’ $1.75 trillion spending bill would radically transform our way of life: Signal
Terry McAuliffe Hires Controversial Ex-Clinton Lawyer Marc Elias: Turley
Dem Rep. DeFazio caught on hot mic dropping F-bombs amid GOP speech: Caitlin McFall

The Avalanche Has Already Started…: GraniteGrok
This Is Obama’s Third Term: Drew Allen
Dem Proposed Tax on Unrealized Capital Gains Is Unconstitutional: GianCarlo Canaparo


Biden and China: Divisions Within the Administration Over China Reveal a White House of Cards: Drill Down
Hot Mic Catches School Board President Saying ‘F*ck You’ To Parent: Brianna Lyman
Supply Chain Update for October 28, 2021: BattleSwarm

Democrats want more taxes on oil and gas as part of spending package: Josh Siegel
Biden Is Responsible For Skyrocketing Energy Costs: OAN
Broward School Takes Elementary Students To Gay Bar: Laurel Duggan

Scandal Central

Clinton Campaign Spread Trump-Russia Ruse Throughout Obama Admin Trying to Force a Probe: Paul Sperry
Wisconsin Sheriff Holds Press Conference Outlining 2020 Election and Ballot Fraud in Racine County: CTH
The deadly word games that brought us 'Gain of Function': James Lewis


Tucker Carlson Has Triggered The Fourth Branch of Government With His Preview of “The Patriot Purge”: CTH
The Awesome Hypocrisy of the "Facebook Papers" Moral Panic: Matt Taibbi
Politifact Continues The National Media Trend Advancing into the Absurd: CTH


Left Behind By Biden: North American Missionaries Going on Second Week as Hostages in Lawless Haiti: ET
Taliban are eager for dialogue with the world, Chinese minister says : EuroNews
What the Murder of a Five-Year-Old Yazidi Girl by Muslims Tells Us: Hugh Fitzgerald

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Irish county with 99.7% vaccination rate has highest COVID case rate: Daniel Horowitz
Climate Activists Blow Smoke on Wildfire Fears: WSJ
Cheap antidepressant shows promise treating early Covid-19: CNBS


Patriarchy Declares Victory After Taking Over Women's Sports, Restrooms, Top Military Roles: Babylon Bee
Friday Skipisms: Woodsterman
Selections Have Consequences: MOTUS

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BOOM! In the real world Florida has lowest COVID infection rate AND lowest COVID case rate in USA!! Gov Ron DeSantis