Monday, October 04, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Sen. Ron Johnson Shares Latest COVID-19 Data, Refutes “Pandemic of The Unvaccinated” Rhetoric

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Ron Johnson Shows Latest COVID-19 Data, Refutes “Pandemic of The Unvaccinated”: CTH
Pelosi Lied to Her Own Caucus, One Rep Just Received The Bart Stupak Treatment: CTH
Sinema’s Savvy Bolsters Her Standing At Home: National Journal

Mark Levin disgusted by politicians who 'have politicized the science' of COVID: Fox
Member of ‘healthcare is a human right’ party wants the unvaccinated to pay: Becket Adams
Fauci Has Authoritarian-Like Message To “Give Up” Your Rights, And Take Vaccine: YWN

If Politics Are Downstream From Pop Culture, Then What is FJB Telling Democrats?: CTH
Antifa riot outside Justice Center in Portland: PM
Blue cities forge ahead with their own police reforms: Sarah Westwood

Joe Manchin crashes the Biden agenda: Susan Ferrechio
Kyrsten Sinema skewers House Democrats for infrastructure failure: Misty Severi
American Liberty Must Not Become Coronavirus Casualty: Mike Pence


Who needs Keystone? Consumers facing high energy costs as winter quickly approaches: Zachary Halaschak
Biden must reject using the PATRIOT Act to suppress angry parents' opinions: Examiner
Biden declares war on showerheads: Ben Lieberman

Scandal Central

Kash Patel Sunday: Durham And More: Mark Wauck
To Save America, Durham Must Reveal the Whole Russiagate Story and Punish the Guilty: Roger L. SImon
Special Prosecutor John Durham Issued Subpoenas to Clinton Law Firm, Perkins Coie, Earlier This Month: CTH

Did The Fourth Branch of Government Release SARS-CoV-2 Then Blame China?: CTH
Biden's militarized executive agencies: Robert A. Bishop
General Milley’s Sketchy Oct. 2020 Intelligence on China Fears Likely Came From Twitter and NY Times: CTH


Fauci: 'Too soon to tell' if you can gather for Christmas: Becket Adams
37-Year-Old Oregon Mom Forced To Take Vaccine Dies From Apparent Vaccine-Induced Symptoms: CTH
Georgia Terrorist Threatening to Kill Blacks Revealed to be a Black Woman Manufacturing Hate Crimes: CTH

LinkedIn Bans Geologist for Climate Change Posts: ‘This Type of Content Is Not Allowed’: Rob Bluey
Trump demands revocation of 2018 Pulitzer Prize, cites Russian collusion misreporting: Kaelan Deese
Pandora Papers: A simple guide to the Pandora Papers leak: BBC


China's hostage diplomacy win exposes Biden weakness: Joel Gehrke
‘We did it together’: Blinken rejects Pentagon blame for Afghanistan chaos: Joel Gehrke
Air Force's Secretive X-37B Spaceplane Orbits Earth For 500th Day: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Mis-Measuring Infant Mortality: Gary M. Galles
A Declassified State Department Report Says Microwaves Didn’t Cause “Havana Syndrome”: BuzzPeed
What Every Parent Must Know About Pfizer: Malkin


Happy Funday Morning: Woodsterman
Chicago Awarded Obama Presidential Library – And They Might Pick My Design: Earl of Taint
Stay Woke My Friend: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

I have re-organized my business by firing the un-vacced and today gone are the vaxxed super spreaders. I have now employed dementia patients and strongly suggest that you go and do likewise. I can pay them less, they live in the past, they like old TV shows, they suffer abuse without complaining, they return to their Group Home Hives every night and I do not need to provide Insurances or Benefits. I dismissed HR entirely and now simply employ "Handlers".
This is working out very well for me but I can not take any credit for I got the idea from the Democrat Party.
"Buy A Man Eat Fish, The Day, Teach Man, To Life Time". Joe Biden

commoncents said...

Is this Nessie? - ‘Loch Ness Monster’ spotted again! This time on drone footage, World News Today, Stand Up

Anonymous said...

Very interesting information at the end of this short interview about interpersonal transmission of the virus and the protocols to help.