Sunday, October 17, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: How Zuckerbucks Stole The 2020 Election And Why GOP Leaders Must Never Let It Happen Again

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How Zuckerbucks Stole 2020 And Why GOP Leaders Must Never Allow It Again: Kylee Zempel
All The Green New Deal Handouts Democrats Wedged Into Their $3.5 Trillion Budget: DC
Stephen Miller on Biden Spending Bill: It Might Upend ‘All of American Society’: DC

We Got Here Because of Cowardice. We Get Out With Courage: Bari Weiss
Yes, Virginia, There is a Deep State: Matt Taibbi
A Great National Showdown Over Worker Mandates For COVID Vaccine: Don’t Flinch: CTH

School Boards and Idiots: Clarice Feldman
Biden Report Card: Another bad week over sinking polls and forgotten public: Paul Bedard
Illinois Democrats Trying to Eliminate Two Republican Seats in Redistricting: Rick Moran

Dems Complain Putin Stole Their Election Theft Ideas: Daniel Greenfield
Seattle reaches "stage 3 emergency" over police shortage: Jazz Shaw
Portland cops can’t respond to riots because Democrats banned use of crowd-control tools: PM


If I Wasn’t Blacklisted on Twitter I Would Tweet This Explanation of California’s Supply Chain Backlog: CTH
Walgreens is abandoning San Francisco because leftist policies created a shoplifting crisis: Brad Polumbo
Containergeddon is Getting Worse. Biden’s Political Solution Is Bombing.: CTH

Biden Priorities Put Citizens, Not National Enemies, in the Crosshairs: Watson Cassandra
$6 a Gallon Gas Coming Our Way in Time for Winter: M. Dowling
Now Do You See Why An America First Economic Agenda Was So Valuable?: CTH

Scandal Central

So, We're Just Going to Ignore the Climate Insurrectionists Who Tried to Storm the Dept. of the Interior?: Matt Vespa
Was January 6 Part of the FBI’s ‘Operation Cold Snap’?: Julie Kelly
America’s Descent into Medical Fascism: Rob Jenkins


It's All Just Displacement: Freddie deBoer
Ex-NYT editor Bari Weiss shreds CNN's Stelter for remarks even more bogus than “horse-dewormer”: Daily Mail
The Great Struggle of Our Time: The Battle for Reality: Vasko Kohlmayer


China’s frightening test of new hypersonic weapon: ‘We have no idea how they did this’: Thomas Lifson
Iran's Mullahs and China Empowered Under Biden Administration: Majid Rafizadeh
ISIS claims responsibility for deadly mosque bombing in Afghanistan: Misty Severi

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Vaccination Rates Not Linked to Lower COVID Rates, Epidemiology Paper Finds: FEE
Small Changes You Can Make Today to Prevent Weight Gain: ET
Climate Insurrectionists Arrested After Storming Interior Department: Tammy Hung


Columbus: Discoverer of America: The Hero Show
A Belgian Manipulator Tells How He Fooled Belgium to Believing in the 2019 Epidemic That Wasn’t: American Digest
Recharge Day: MOTUS


MichiganCPA said...

Bideninflation: If you consider the increases the cost of food that people that people consume the most, inflation is easily up 20% or more. Milk, eggs, meat are all up 20% to 60%. Perishables are on the rise. And then the shelves are emptying which will have future impact.

I just paid over $12 for a dozen Honey Crisp apples!

Restaurants are now in competition with grocery stores for food and supplies. Menus are online now because prices are changing upward weekly.

Real food inflation is easily 20% and this is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Jay Inslee has punished WA for so long that desperate women are looking at children's vaccination as a means of birth control as well as keeping household expenses down.
And somebody should ask Bill if he saw the portrait of Bill Clinton in a blue dress on Pedo-Island.

Anonymous said...

I'm old enough to remember when shocking announcements about enemy military capabilities were leaked just before Congressional budget votes.