Thursday, October 14, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Cartels in charge: Leaked docs show mass release of criminal illegal aliens into US by Biden

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Leaked docs show mass release of criminal illegal aliens into US by Biden: Fox
Backlash could force Democrats to rethink IRS 'snooping' provision: Examiner
Group That Urged A.G.’s Anti-Parent Initiative Has Ties to Democrats, Unions: Fred Lucas

💉 Report: OSHA Sends Worker Vaccine Mandate Rule to White House for Review: CTH
Zuckerberg 'gave $420MM to nonprofits to help turn out likely Democrat voters': DailyMail
Biden tries to avoid becoming Terry McAuliffe's albatross in VA governor's race: Naomi Lim


That 70s Show: Inflation spikes to 13-year high: Ed Morrissey
Jen Psaki Telling Dangerous Myths About “Transitory” Inflation: It’s Not Temporary: CTH
More CA Walgreens close due to "organized retail crime": Jazz Shaw

Buttigieg under pressure from GOP as supply chain problems worsen: Examiner
Vaccine Mandates Aren’t Biden’s Only Job-Killing Scheme: Doug Badger
US Should Be Booming. Why Are We Stagnating?: Ben Shapiro

Scandal Central

😧 Congress’ Access to Individuals’ Private Communications: 1/6 Troubling Precedent: Elizabeth Goitein
Air Force reveals commercial evacuation flight from Afghanistan was nearly hijacked: Mike Brest
Federal Judge Finds DC Jail Officials in Contempt, Demands Civil Rights Inquiry: Julie Kelly

💩 Joe Rogan Confronts CNN’s Sanjay Gupta About COVID Propaganda Including Ivermectin: CTH
Parents Slam Loudoun County School Board For Covering Up Transgender Assault Of 9th Grade Girl: RCP
Loudoun County sheriff responds to 'misinformation' surrounding alleged sexual assaults in schools: Elizabeth Faddis


👍 Peter Thiel Helping to Fund MAGA Primary Challenges Against Republicans Who Voted to Impeach 46: CTH
Brownstone Institute blackballed by LinkedIn for associating with famed Harvard epidemiologist: Robert Zimmerman
Capitol Hill Conservatives Speak Out Against Debt Limit Increase: OAN


🧯 Xi Jinping’s Taiwan Saber-Rattling Is All About Shoring Up Domestic Power: Dean Cheng
Australia Continues to Build ‘Quarantine’ Camps for Thousands of People: M. Dowling
IDF Intel chief: Iran enriching ever more nuke material, but we’ll constrain it: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Climate Crazies Claim Global Stilling At Fault For Wind Turbines Not Producing Energy: LidBlog
California wildfire swells in size, jumps four-lane highway: The Shill
Mysterious Source in Deep Space Generates 1,652 Fast Radio Bursts in Just 47 Days: ScienceAlert


Norway bow-and-arrow suspect who allegedly killed 5 was flagged for radicalization: Fox
Fans Get In A Huge Brawl During The Dodgers/Giants Game In Wild Viral Video: DC
Let’s Go Handmaidens!: MOTUS

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Average Joe Bro said...

First comes the IRS surveillance of "every" bank account, followed immediately by auditing suspected Trump supporters into the poor house...