Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: How Constitutional Systems and Citizenship Perish

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How Constitutional Systems and Citizenship Perish: Victor Davis Hanson
Pelosi Plans to Keep the ‘Spy on All Bank Accounts’ Clause in the $3.5T bill: M. Dowling
The Democrats are determined to get into your bank accounts: Andrea Widburg

Democrats’ Massive Spending Blitz Would Turn Us Into Euro Social Welfare State: Signal
Lawsuit Alleges Cronyism at Biden EPA to ‘Rubber-Stamp’ Green Agenda: Fred Lucas
Miles of unused steel lying in desert after Biden cancelled border wall: Daily Mail

Psaki Touts Biden’s Vax Memo As ‘Law’ Before Admitting No Official Rule Exists: Federalist
Gov. Ron DeSantis Plans to Protect Workers From Being Fired Over Vaccine Status: CTH
DHS Chief Orders ICE to End Mass Raids of Workplaces of Suspected Illegal Aliens: ET


Biden’s Proposals Will Worsen Labor Shortage: Rachel Greszler
Gas prices hit a seven-year high, and Biden remains as clueless as ever: Examiner
'Desperate for tires.' Components shortage roils U.S. harvest: Al-Reuters

Scandal Central

Tucker Carlson Interviews Michael Flynn: The Biggest Target of The Fourth Branch of Government: CTH
Husband and wife would-be nuclear spy pair in US Marshals custody after first court appearance: Jerry Dunleavy
‘Hiding the Ball’: Hunter Biden Complicates White House Anti-Corruption Push: Politishmo

Loudoun County Schools Tried To Conceal Transexual Sexual Assault Against Daughter In Bathroom: Luke Rosiak
Loudoun County Schools Covered Up Student Rape and Had Father of Victim Arrested to Keep Him Quiet: CTH
The Traits of the Authoritarians Among Us: Steve McCann


Sen. Ron Johnson Says Lives Are Being Lost Due to Big Tech Censorship: Mark Tapscott
Hillary Clinton claims Trump responsible for ongoing 'constitutional crisis' by undermining Biden's legitimacy: Blaze
Think Carefully About Your COVID Passport and Worker Status, Before They Tell You There’s an App for That: CTH


'Fantasy land': International aid to Afghanistan will enrich Haqqani Network, Rep. argues: Joel Gehrke
As Afghanistan was going down in flames, Kamala was making a space video with child actors: Monica Showalter
What Does Joe Biden's Health Have to Do with the Future of Taiwan?: Pete Hoekstra

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The New Victim of Cancel Culture: Science: Star Parker
Could Cardano’s 'green' cryptocurrency ADA take over Bitcoin and Ethereum?: Pascale Davies


US sending hashtags to Taiwan to fend off Chinese invasion: Komissar al-Blogunov
Meme Wednesday Morning: Woodsterman
Homeward Bound?: Stilton’s Place


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LIVE: Watch Bezos' Blue Origin launch a crew with William Shatner to space — 10/13/2021

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You did it to yourself, the bottle came with a warning:

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Suggest Boeing employees jump to minute 25 in the above video featuring Dr. Peter McCullough.