Monday, October 18, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Parents aren’t Terrorists, Mr. President. They’re Americans with Something to Say

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Parents aren’t Terrorists, Mr. President. They’re Americans with Something to Say: John Kass
Why Bad Climate Legislation Is Worse Than No Climate Legislation: Shellenberger
Attorney General Merrick Garland is covering up Democratic misdeeds: Quin Hillyer

Living in a Potemkin World: Jim Quinn
George Soros Drops $1M To Stop City of Austin Hiring Police to Combat Rising Crime: LI
Seattle Business Owners: Will Anyone Be Left To Respond to our 911 Calls?: LidBlog

The Biden Administration's Bad Luck: Richard Fernandez
Schiff reveals assurance from FBI director under Trump: Daniel Chaitin
Virginia churches to air pro-McAuliffe ads featuring Kamala Harris: Asher Notheis


Unqualified Transportation Dept. head unable to answer questions, resorts to Pee Wee Herman circular logic: CTH
Obama apprenticeship program misspent $155M of $175M: Labor Dept. watchdog: JTN
Manchin to WH: Child tax credit must have work requirement, family income cap: Hot Air

Scandal Central

Civil Liberties Being Trampled by "Insurrection" Myths. The 1/6 Committee May Be the Worst Abuse Yet.: Greenwald
Work Education Firm Led by A.G. Garland’s Son-In-Law: Contracts With 23,000 Schools; Raised $75 Million: Forbes
Biden Calls for the Prosecution of Anyone Refusing Subpoenas in the Jan. 6th Riot Investigation: Turley

Loudoun County prosecutor who went after father of school rape victim linked to Soros, McAuliffe: Fox
Chris Steele Clings to Fabricated Stories of Cohen in Prague and Trump-Russia Pee Tapes: CTH
Christopher Steele stands by multiple anti-Trump “dossier” fables: Jerry Dunleavy


New York Times Faults Jeopardy Host Mayim Bialik for Pro-Israel Stance: Ira Stoll
'We Are in a Comedy Emergency': 'Airplane!' Creator Slams Cancel Culture: PJM
MSNBC Host Pounces, as NBC's Chuck Todd Dares to Tell the Truth About Biden: RS


Xi back to Tiananmen: AT
‘Australia going full CCP’: Aussies look to crack down on bikers, require tattoos to be covered: BPR
Seventeen Christian missionaries in Haiti kidnapped by gang: Asher Notheis

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Nebraska AG: Docs can prescribe controversial COVID drugs: 3 News Now
5 questions for Arthur Turrell on fusion energy: Examiner
The mystery of Japan's disappearing COVID crisis: Jazz Shaw


I had Visions: Earl of Taint
Awww Monday Morning Woodsterman Style : Woodsterman
Tell Me Again: What Part of MAGA Did You Object To?: MOTUS

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