Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Rand Paul: New call for Dr. Fauci's firing, as overwhelming evidence points to COVID lab origin

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Rand Paul renews call for Fauci's firing, as new evidence points to COVID lab origin: Fox
Texas law enforcement braces for thousands of migrants due in days: Daily Mail
Biden under pressure to drop vaccine mandates for defense contractors: Christian Datoc

'This is scary... what they’re doing to Americans’ constitutional rights': M. Dowling
Former Soros Activist Explains How Progressive Policies Ruined San Francisco: Virginia Allen
Two San Francisco prosecutors leave DA Chesa Boudin to join recall effort: Asher Notheis

How deadly is COVID-19, really?: Robert Zimmerman
Empty shipping containers pile up in LA while China has shortage: Tori Richards
Biden moves FCC leftward with two new appointees : Nihal Krishan

Congress Didn’t Give OSHA Authority to Impose Vaccine Mandates: Doug Badger
Grassley blasts Garland over DOJ school boards memo and Hunter Biden investigation: Jerry Dunleavy
McAuliffe buys 'fake news' ads in effort to sway voters, investigation finds: Fox


Democrats Use Accounting Gimmicks to Conceal Spending in Bloated ‘Build Back Better’ Bill: Grace-Marie Turner
Green energy: A bubble in unrealistic expectations?: David Hay
More people in Manchin's, Sinema's home states want to hold off on new spending: polls: The Shill

Scandal Central

Yellen, Biden Cabinet members avoid huge tax hits thanks to little-known federal law: Fox
Former top FBI lawyer James Baker to take stand in Durham’s case against Michael Sussmann: Jerry Dunleavy
Apple Knew About Human Trafficking on Facebook: Amee Vanderpool

Sen. Hawley Releases Email Showing Sketchy Biden Administration Guidelines for Afghan Refugee Evacuation: CTH
IRS Oversteps Its Boundaries With Lazy and Destructive Proposal: Mike Crapo
Google has deleted one of the best and largest left-wing media outlets in the UK.: Glenn Greenwald


‘Howdy’: Nick Sandmann reminds Brian Stelter why conservatives distrust media: Times
'Don Lemon's a Dumb Motherf***er': Joe Rogan Unloads on CNN Proving Point About Fake News: Crowder
Language barriers and anger emojis: The biggest issues in the 'Facebook Papers': Sarah Westwood


China’s New Weapon Just Upped Global Threat Level: Daily Signal
Biden’s Jerusalem Consulate: A Nail in the Coffin of Peace: Richard Kemp
Greek PM tells Turkey to halt ‘aggressive posturing’: AFP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

NIH tortured monkeys with acid as Fauci faces outcry over dog torture tests: Daily Mail
Iran blames fuel shutdown on cyberattack from unnamed country: TOI
Moderna CEO States Likelihood for Booster Shots Every Year: CTH


FDA Panel Votes Unanimously to Approve 5 to 11-year-old Vaccinations: CTH
Many Happy Returns: Stilton’s Place
A Little Halloween Love Bird…: MOTUS

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