Sunday, September 24, 2023

KILLING AMERICA: The Democrat Party Gets Fully Exposed In Mark Levin's Astonishing Bestseller

Mark Levin has authored 10 bestselling books over the past 16 years related to politics, current events, and policy issues. His latest book, The Democrat Party Hates America lays out a devastating argument that the Democratic Party is responsible for much of the division the country faces today. But Levin demonstrates this is nothing new for the Democrats because its very origin was predicated on hatred.

Levin provides a detailed history of the Democratic Party since the Civil War and its shifting positions and language over time. He observes party leaders like Barack Obama and Joe Biden have mastered political tactics to gain power while attacking, demonizing and even imprisoning critics. At its core, the book warns of the longstanding Democrat embrace of hatred as its center, from Slavery to Marxism.

In spite of the fact that 95% of American approve of interracial marriages, Democrats continuously amplify racial divisions in their pursuit of power. "Anti-Racism", Ibram Kendi's canonical model embraced by the Left, espouses even more racism as an antidote. Democrat leaders from Obama to Hillary Clinton have embraced the policies of Saul Alinsky, the self-described "revolutionary" who sought the balkanization and division of American society. And along the way, Democrats since the Obama era have continuously demonized law enforcement, with efforts like "Defund the Police" and "Autonomous Zones" in liberal cities that have led to a complete breakdown of civil order in many inner cities.

And this is not a recent development. As Levin points out, the Democrat Party has waged a century-long war on America's founding documents. The Declaration of Independence was rejected by President Woodrow Wilson, who led the first progressive (and deeply racist) administration in American history. Similarly, Franklin Delano Roosevelt threatened to pack the Supreme Court after his collectivist programs were initially rejected. Duly intimidated, the Justices then rubberstamped a long list of egregiously unconstitutional programs that helped build the modern welfare state.

Today the party has leaned even further into its totalitarian instincts and racist roots. It threatens and intimidates members of the Supreme Court; it seeks to destroy the Electoral College; it wants to industrialize election fraud at the national level; and it aims to destroy the Senate's longstanding filibuster rule in order to jam through unpopular legislation. These are just a few of the party's attacks on America's foundational pillars.

The endless racialist divisions fomented by the Democrat Party has a simple goal: the complete destruction of capitalism and American exceptionalism. Critical Race Theory (CRT), Marxism, "Anti-Racism", and the amorphous threat of "White Supremacists" are all ingredients for a recipe of one-party rule.

As Levin notes, the unholy marriage of public sector unions and the Democrat Party utterly reject the interests of the average American parent. Consider public schools and teachers' unions. These entities have long waged war on the nuclear family, asserting that public school bureaucrats understand children better than parents. In particular, this administration's lawless attacks on parents peacefully speaking out at school board meetings is just one example of a longstanding campaign against the basic family structure. As well, monetarily rewarding single-parent families while punishing two-parent households is a longstanding Democrat policy. We must ask ourselves why this is the case.

This administration's rogue Department of Justice and its enforcement arms have targeted "Traditional Catholics" as domestic terror suspects. Simultaneously, it has failed to identify the 1/6 "pipe-bomber" or seemingly well-organized and uniformed "White Nationalist" groups like "Patriot Front".

Nowhere is the evidence for the Democrats' repudiation of American law and traditions more evident than on the issue of immigration. Upon taking office, the current administration opened the border to millions of unknown, unvetted aliens. Unprecedented numbers of Chinese, military-age males; cartel members; Fentanyl smugglers; female and child sex slaves; and convicts freed from Central- and South American prisons have touched off chaos in so-called "Sanctuary Cities" like Chicago, New York City and San Francisco. Schools and health care systems are overwhelmed, with no hope of relief.

Not only are Democrats ignoring current federal immigration statutes, but they also seek to move as many illegal alien families on to welfare programs and voter rolls as possible. In many Democrat locales, illegal aliens are permitted to vote and in some cases even serve as law enforcement officials.

To be clear, there is no altruism underpinning Democrats' borderless America. Instead, it appears to be another aspect of their implementation of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, named after two radical Columbia professors who envisioned the collapse of the U.S. economy by bankrupting it with massive and unaffordable social programs. The fact that millions of unvetted illegal aliens are now taxing our generous systems appears to be classic Cloward-Piven aimed at national bankruptcy.

The Left's attack on the American economy also hinges on killing U.S. access to clean energy sources like natural gas and nuclear. Democrats are now focused now on enriching China through disastrous "clean energy" programs that destroy natural fauna, create massive amounts of toxic waste, and engage hundreds of thousands of people in human- and child-slavery programs. This is, of course, a national security nightmare, exacerbated by the current administration's draining of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to keep fuel prices artificially low.

None of this would be possible without the direct support of corporate media. From the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story at the behest of government censors to ignoring clear and direct proof of Joe Biden's family financial endeavors, corporate media is altogether out-of-touch with American interests.

In short, the Cloward-Piven Left is purposely bankrupting the country. Social Security and Medicare are slated to run out of funds within the next decade. Instead of dealing pragmatically with that issue, Democrats screech about their opponents wanting to attack these programs. In fact, thanks to Democrats, these programs are on suicide watch. And still the party wants more profligate, uncontrolled, wasteful, redundant, and insane spending initiatives.

The Democrat Party has also weaponized law enforcement to a degree that would be laughable if it weren't so diabolical. For example, Hillary Clinton directed her staff to permanently erase at least 33,000 emails that were under Congressional subpoena. The FBI waved off evidence of her actions, Chinese hacks of her email server, and using her Foundation as a money-laundering scheme. All of that was dismissed while Trump's presidential records are now under question. Likewise, the lawfare prosecutions of Donald J. Trump by partisan prosecutors are unprecedented in American history.

This is not a book for the hard-core leftist, like the ones that can't identify a gender and believe that math is racist.

No, this book is for Americans of any party and no party who feel deserted by Washington and its elite class.

Americans who want cities to come back. Who want children and parents to be able to pick the right schools. Who want the CDC, DHS, DOJ, et. al. to focus on American interests rather than those of China, Ukraine and Democrats. Who want the border as secure as passport control at Newark International Airport.

Speaking with the author just days ago, Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted that Levin sees this as his most important book.

The book serves as a clear warning about the stakes. We must assume that the Democrat Party will maintain its attacks on American interests. It will continue to erode individualism, colorblindness, law enforcement, our borders, national security, and the economy. Levin's closing argument is a simple message: voters must remove Democrats from power to preserve American freedoms, values, safety and way of life.

There is little time remaining to stop the Democrat Party from killing America.

Not only do I highly recommend this important book (direct link here), I suggest buying copies for any student, millenial or Gen Z you know well as an independent thinker. The title is intentionally provocative; the content will be eye-opening for every American.


Anonymous said...

Mark Levin is an amazing man knowing the US Constitution better than anyone ! Following politics closely since 2016 when America was blessed with a President who really likes( loves) America our US. Constitution and capitalist society.
I really hate to admit this, but as a former Democrat the behaviour of the Democtatic party has changed dramatically . This behaviour has been reported on by real journalists who seek and teport the facts.
Marks book summerizes exactly what is happening in our country. Anyone who doesnt beleive what he writes just has to look around at their life and see if its better now than after the 2916 election.

Anonymous said...

The review covered the Title fantasticly. Kudos to the Author 🇺🇸🌟

Anonymous said...

That 95% figure is based on what? How common are inter racial couples.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives are the most divisive group in our country. Your 2012 Presidential nominee marched with BLM. Tim Scott supports BLM. DeSantis comments on Jacksonville but not on the other crimes in his state. Did Kemp comment on the 4 white people killed in his state? Only 17 Republicans voted against Juneteenth, a BLM holiday and validation of the violence on 2020. The Conservative movement is seriously delusional.

Anonymous said...

If the Democrats truly hate America, their support of Ukraine must not be in the best interest of the US or freedom. Defeating Putin will only further their tyrannical interests. Why are Conservatives supporting Biden?

Anonymous said...

On his show the other day, Dennis Prager was complaining about the guy in ND who received 5 years for murdering a Republican with his car and another story about a cross dressing principal in an Oklahoma school. He went on his usual rant about voting Democrat. Both of those incidents happened in deep red states. Voting democrat has nothing to do with these incidents. He is truly being divisive. Dennis has enormous power in these states and could shape the legislatures. He doesn't because it would cost him money to go against the Republican establishment. Like most Conservative pundits, he is truly a horrendous person.

Anonymous said...

Mark Levin is a barking dog. He was one of the very first cowardly "R"'s to fold on the stolen election of 2020.
He stated on his show, less than a week after the stolen election, and in his usual juvenile angry tone that he didn't want to hear another damn word about election fraud and that any caller who wanted to discuss it would be banned for life.
Just another squishy egghead.