Saturday, September 23, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Here’s How Democrats Destroyed Our Immigration Law

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 • Here’s How Biden Admin Destroyed Our Immigration Law Victor Davis Hanson
 • Border Patrol: 8 Million Illegals Released into U.S. During Biden Term, Most Adult Males CTH
 • Biden’s DHS let 200,000 illegal immigrants fly directly into 43 cities Paul Bedard
 • The Blob Kunstler
 • Key Questions the GOP Didn’t Ask Rogue AG Merrick Garland DC
 • With border surging, Biden cooks up new ways to make it worse Monica Showalter
 • Pushback: CA county sued for using cellphones to track church-goers Robert Zimmerman
 • How Republicans are expanding their reach in state elections Eden Villalovas
 • Iran Deal Opponent, Democrat Sen. Menendez Indicted on Corruption Charges Daily Mail


 • Federal Judge Smacks Down Biden's Attempt to Restrict Oil, Gas Drilling in Gulf of Mexico WJ
 • "Educational Homicide": 13 Baltimore Schools Have Zero (0) Students Proficient In Math ZH
 • All Over America, Blue Cities Are Facing A Severe Shortage Of Police Officers Michael Snyder

Scandal Central

 • Hunter Biden Suggested Lobbying Sen. Bob Menendez On Behalf Of Foreign Countries DC
 • Biden Admin’s Latest Political Target: Christopher Rufo Mike Gonzalez
 • Biden’s Illegal Backdoor Amnesty NRO


 • YouTube’s Unfair Preemptive Strike on Russell Brand Ben Shapiro
 • Russell Brand Issues Statement After British Govt Target Him for Removal from Social Media Platforms CTH
 • Public Broadcasting Didn’t Serve Public Interest With Shallow Coverage of Garland Hearing Tim Graham


 • Paying Iranian Terrorists Billions in Ransom Is Nothing to Brag About, Mr. President David Harsanyi
 • In UN speech, Netanyahu threatens Iran with ‘credible nuclear threat’ JNS
 • Pope Francis insists Europe doesn't have a migrant emergency and challenges countries to open ports EuroNews


 • UK’s Keen Grasp of Obvious: 2030 Mandate on Electric Vehicles Is Unachievable Cal Thomas
 • More Evidence that U.S. Intelligence Analysis is Broken and Politicized Fred Fleitz
 • Report: WH, NIAID, NIH, CDC, HHS Crafted ‘Script’ in May 2021 to Downplay Adverse Vaccine Reactions Debra Heine


 • They Want You Dead Allan J. Feifer
 • The Homopotus Mystery Lloyd Billingsley
 • The Week in Pictures: Take a Flyer Edition Power Line

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Doom said...

Democrats? Republicans don't do squat when they have all three bodies. No, it's not just Democrats. There simply isn't a party that is actually for America and Americans.