Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Shocking Border Crisis Video Shows Largest Illegal Alien Crossing Ever

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 • Shocking Border Crisis Video Shows Largest Illegal Alien Crossing Ever LI
 • Shocking video of train ‘bursting with migrants’ and heading for the border BPR
 • Marines Issue Two-Day Stand-Down of All Aircraft after F-35 Disappearance NRO
 • Boldly Into the Chaos Kunstler
 • Quantitative Analysis Shows Google Steered 6 Million Votes to Biden in 2020 Ben Bartee
 • Biden Admin Cancels Seven Oil Leases in Alaska Punching Bag Post
 • Amazing Speech by Mark Robinson, “If I Were the Governor of Texas” CTH
 • The DEI Racket Transformed Our Colleges, Universities. But Tide Could Be Turning. Jarrett Stepman
 • Pro-Life Protesters Face 11 Years in Prison As Rogue DOJ Wins Guilty Verdicts in DC Debra Heine


 • Ted Cruz Wrecks Janet Yellen's Latest Gaslighting Bonanza on Biden Economy RS
 • Markey, Ocasio-Cortez ask Biden to create Civilian Climate Corps by executive order The Shill
 • NYC Mayor: Yes, it's time to end Right to Shelter Jazz Shaw

Scandal Central

 • How The Surgical Charging of Hunter Biden Ignores a Pattern of Concealment Turley
 • In Denying The Meadows Motion To Move To Federal Court The Judge Made Up The Law As He Went Shipwrecked Crew
 • 20 common functions of American life the government wants to regulate, restrict or outright ban Hohmann


 • Indictment of Hunter Biden Is ‘a Smokescreen,’ Oversight Project Director Says Samantha Aschieris
 • Ron DeSantis Nails the Larger Problem With Fetterman-Inspired Senate Dress Code Change RS
 • The Ladies of ‘The View’ Deliver Their Most Cringeworthy Apologies Andrew Stiles


 • RedState Interview: Ohio Freedom Caucus Member Has Questions for Zelensky RS
 • Hillary Clinton Teams Up with Zelenskyy's Wife on New Ukraine Project WJ
 • Italian island now has about 70% more illegal immigrants than residents David Strom


 • A University of Pennsylvania Medical Student Sent me this Anonymous Note During the Pandemic Vinay Prasad
 • Pundits disappointed that COVID now indistinguishable from colds and allergies David Strom
 • Citigroup Token Service Is Bank's Latest Digital Assets Move Bloomberg


 • Ted Cruz Has a Very Interesting Theory on Who Will Replace Joe Biden in 2024 – RedState RS
 • How did it take the Pentagon 28 HOURS to find missing F-35 that had crashed in a field 80 miles from base? Daily Mail
 • Im'a needin' A Libturd Tuesday ~ A Woodsterman
QOTD: “When you give power over law to people who see law only as a weapon with which to get enemies, you destroy the rule of law. That’s what… liberals have done.” — Paul Craig Roberts


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