Sunday, September 24, 2023

Top 20 Tweets Tonight: Snoop Doggy Gates, Canadian Nazis and #GhettoGavin

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Obama and the Squad continue to attack an ally and bastion of Middle East security using American tax dollars. This is a template for destroying America's Supreme Court. --Ed.



What is to be done with a political party that despises the First Amendment and, frankly, the Constitution?

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commoncents said...

Mark Levin: This man is the 'mob lawyer' for the Biden family

Anonymous said...

I find the outrage over the soldier who fought for the Waffen SS as opposed to the virtuous Allied soldiers. The ones who machined gunned survivors of sunken ships in mid ocean. The great and saintly allied airmen who machined gunned the survivors of Japanese transports off Guadalcanal, and when they ran out of ammo sent in PT boat to drop depth charges among the survivors. Or the valiant Allied airmen who at the end of the war fire bombed Dresden killing tens of thousands of civilians, destroying a city that had zero military value. But hey this man was a Nazi. He killed civilians. Just as American troops gunned down surrendering German troops who had nothing to do with the camps. Yes they were such justice warriors upholding virtue. And the West was so honorable.

Can someone explain to me why they went to war with Germany for invading Poland but didn't declare war on Russia when it invaded Poland at the same time?

I am sick of these idiots. I am sick of the morons like Churchill who bet the British Empire on a free and independent Poland, allowed it to be neither and calmly gave away the Empire and mortgaged Britain. Worse he sat there while FDR and Stalin divided Europe between them.

Such saints. Tell it to the people of Hiroshima.

Anonymous said...

communists like you always get everything wrong