Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: DHS Names Liars and Russia Collusion Hoaxers as “Experts” to ID Disinformation

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 • DHS Names Liars and Russia Collusion Hoaxers as “Experts” to ID Disinformation CTH
 • Smith's Gag Order Designed To Destroy Trump's Rights Federalist
 • Over 2,000 migrants illegally cross Texas border overnight Yahoo!
 • Alleged Fedsurrection Leader Ray Epps Charged With Misdemeanor In PR Stunt ZH
 • On The Darkest Day In History, Ray Epps Was Just A Little Rascal Federalist
 • FBI lost count of how many paid informants were at Capitol on Jan. 6 Post
 • There’s a Shift Afoot CTH
 • Biden’s Candidacy and the Radicalizing Power of Desperation Daniel Greenfield
 • Amid Open Borders Invasion, GOP Senators Raise ‘Secure the Border’ Bill Virginia Allen


 • Interior Secretary & Daughter Have Ties to Marxist Environmental Alliance in Cuba Diogenes
 • Why Were Students Afraid to Let This Princeton Professor Speak? Katrina Trinko
 • Ukraine's American Trans Spox Picks A Fight With US Senator J.D. Vance ZH

Scandal Central

 • 8 Senators Tell Rogue Director Wray: FBI Doesn’t Exist To Terrorize Americans S.A. McCarthy
 • How ‘Special’ Counsel David Weiss Handed Hunter Biden a Second Amendment Defense NRO
 • Under OBiden Regime: Fake Murders Are Punished And Real Murders Aren’t Worth Mentioning Federalist


 • 'Washington Whispers' About Joe Biden Roar to Life on 2024 Chances RS
 • Ibram Kendi's Center for Anti-racism lays off majority of staff John Sexton
 • Ardern at UN: we are at war, so censorship is necessary David Strom


 • The trough beckons: Clinton Global Initiative launches new Ukraine inititiave Monica Showalter
 • The emerging long term ramifications of the Ukraine War Robert Zimmerman
 • Austin says Ukraine will soon receive American Abrams tanks. Military View


 • Sigh: Guess what Massachusetts is banning now Jazz Shaw
 • Are electric cars really better for the environment? Bezos Post
 • Notes on Existential Risk from Artificial Superintelligence Michael Nielsen


 • As Trump predicted, Washington and Jefferson are next David Strom
 • Pennsylvania Rolls out Automatic Voter Registration with Driver's Licenses Breitbart
 • A Skipism is a Wonderful Thing ~ A Woodsterman

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