Saturday, September 16, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Horror on the U.S. Border

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 • Horror on the U.S. Border M Dowling
 • Angry New Yorkers Drown Out Jerry Nadler During Chaotic Immigration Presser DC
 • The Conundrum Kunstler
 • Did Someone Just Try to Assassinate RFK Jr.? Robert Spencer
 • A sudden amnesia epidemic at the rogue, lawless FBI Jazz Shaw
 • Rep. Cori Bush and Rep. Rashida Tlaib accuse Atlanta cops of...murder? John Sexton
 • House Judiciary Subpoenas FBI Agent Elvis Chan, Alleged Laptop Liar DC (Wray Is A Disgrace)
 • TX AG impeachment wrap-up: Ken Paxton's lawyers are tigers Beege
 • Major Tripwire – DHS Publishes Guidance for AI to Spy On U.S. Citizens CTH


 • Trump Defends Auto Workers Against Biden's Green Agenda: You're 'Being Sold Down the River' to China Breitbart
 • Attention UAW: GOP Passes Bill to Protect Gas-Powered Cars Amid California’s Electric Vehicle Push Arjun Singh
 • White House Alters Transcript After Biden Says 'Black And Hispanic' Workers 'Don't Have High School Diplomas' ZH

Scandal Central

 • Last Three Men Acquitted In FBI’s Whitmer Fednapping Plot DC
 • ‘Police State’: Conservatives Raise Alarm Over Washington’s ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Effort Tyler O'Neil
 • There’s More Than Enough Evidence for a Joe Biden Impeachment Inquiry David Harsanyi


 • Harvard Gets an F-Minus in Free Speech Anna Low
 • Piercing Chuck “Reeeee” Todd’s Political Bubble Tim Graham
 • Comedian's stories of victimization are mostly made up John Sexton


 • War News: China, Russia taking ‘batting practice’ in air intercepts of aging US aircraft, general says DefenseOne
 • Another top figure in China has suddenly disappeared John Sexton
 • Salman Rushdie, Who Is Alive Today Because of the Values of the U.S. and UK, Denounces the U.S. and UK PJ Media


 • The Globalists Have a Plan for Our Future: Total Control of the Masses CHD
 • Giddy IRS Launches AI-Enabled 'Sweeping, Historic' Tax Violator Crackdown WJ
 • Nebraska woman sues trans doctors who removed her breasts as a teen Jazz Shaw


 • Son of U.S. pResident Sues Marco Polo Marco Polo
 • O'Keefe Threatened with Arrest While Getting Hidden-Camera Footage of Maui WJ
 • A Shit Ton Of Memes and Sundries For Your Friday Afternooner... The Feral Irishman

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