Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Illegal Immigrants Plant Foreign Flag on US Soil

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 • Illegal Immigrants Plant Foreign Flag on US Soil WJ
 • America Last: Our Tax Dollars Are Funding More Than Just Weapons in Ukraine WJ
 • Remember Those 70,000+ Afghans Biden Admin Relocated to the U.S.? Spencer Brown
 • The Biden Admin’s Clear Vulnerability to Chinese Espionage Michael Ellis
 • Another take on the FBI's 'parents are domestic terrorists' playbook Maker S. Mark
 • Eagle Pass declares emergency As 14K border crossers flood city in 10 days Collapse
 • Drug Cartels Are Coming to Every American Neighborhood Townhall
 • More Than One-Third of Democrat Voters Think Americans Have 'Too Much Freedom' RS
 • House Oversight Announces Witnesses for First Biden Impeachment Hearing NRO


 • Bartiromo Cleanup – “Democracy Is Messy” – Matt Gaetz Has Hit a Nerve CTH
 • Ford Gets Cold Feet, Pulls Plug on Multibillion-Dollar China-Backed EV Battery Plant RS
 • More commercial real estate dreariness Beege

Scandal Central

 • How Many Times Does a Court Have to Rule Against Illegal DACA Program Before It’s Terminated? Hans von Spakovsky
 • Scott Gottlieb's Role in Creating a New Intelligence Office Robert W Malone
 • Biden Regime Gives Christian Family That Fled Germany 15 Years Ago Four Weeks to ‘Self-Deport’ Debra Heine


 • Threats Continue Against Rumble Video Platform – The Background Players Seem Interestingly Connected CTH
 • Chuck Schumer’s Rather Interesting Reaction to the Bob Menendez Indictment Is Analyzed Sister Toldjah
 • Never accept a cheap substitute: Trudeau called truckers "Nazis," applauds the real thing Beege


 • Another provocation: China puts a floating barrier in the sea to block Philippine fishermen John Sexton
 • Justin Trudeau's Nazi Hot Take Flexibility Matt Taibbi
 • Russian Officers Sold Black Sea Fleet Intel to Ukrainian Fighters: Report Insider


 • Has the air gone out of the climate-change "crisis" balloon? Glenn H. Reynolds
 • Clock might be ticking for NetZero Nazis Beege
 • Fox News leaks Biden’s planned ICE ID card to keep track of illegal aliens Collapse


 • Snopes makes a call on Michelle Obama pregnancy photos BPR
 • Shocking daylight robbery caught on video in Bucktown CWB Chicago
 • Libturd Posts Be Good ~ A Woodsterman

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