Friday, September 29, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: The Latest Hunter Biden Document Dump Is Littered With Bombshells. Here Are the Biggest.

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 • The Latest Hunter Biden Document Dump Is Littered With Bombshells Chuck Ross
 • Day 1 of Formal Biden Impeachment Inquiry: 7 Big Takeaways Fred Lucas
 • Veteran, 95, evicted and replaced by illegal migrants Jazz Shaw
 • Ghetto Gavin Newsom’s America Spreads To Philadelphia For Second Night Amy Furr
 • How bad are things in San Francisco? That depends who you ask. John Sexton
 • An East Harlem shoplifting Target no longer Beege
 • With Everything on the Table, Trump Declares Our 'Final Battle' Is at Hand WJ
 • Time to End the Fed and Its Mismanagement of Our Economy EJ Antoni
 • Donald Trump Is Suing Christopher Steele CTH


 • American Sovereignty at Stake in Budget Deal Showdown Over Border Funding Jarrett Stepman
 • California’s Failed Governor Loves Crime and Hates Parents Sarah Parshall Perry
 • Leaked Messages From UAW Official Reveal a Big Cause of Unions’ Decline Rachel Greszler

Scandal Central

 • Ben Shapiro And Elon Musk Discuss Fighting ‘Backdoor’ Censorship Attempts From Government, Leftists DW
 • Never Again: Stand Up to Left’s Use of Covid to Shut Down America Allen Mashburn
 • GA GOP Kicks Colton Moore Out of Caucus for Demanding Investigation of Corrupt DA Fani Willis CTH


 • Trump Impeachment Cheerleaders In Media Do China’s Bidding With Blackout On Biden Impeachment Inquiry Federalist
 • About that Debate… Liz Mair
 • Univision Host Amplifies Florida Curriculum Hoax In Fox News GOP Debate Federalist


 • The Ukrainian Gordian Knot Victor Davis Hanson
 • The High Price of Biden’s Ransom Payment to Iran Fred Fleitz
 • Were German army soldiers killed after a Russian strike in Ukraine? EuroNews


 • The backlash to 'two-parent privilege' continues John Sexton
 • Federal Court Upholds Tennessee, Kentucky’s Bans On Cross-Sex Hormones, Puberty Blockers For Children DW
 • Chinese hackers stole emails from US State Dept in Microsoft breach, Senate staffer says Al-Reuters


 • One Year Ago, Today… CTH
 • Throwback Thursday: The Trump Impeachment Signing Day Photo You Weren't Supposed to See Diogenes
 • It's Funderwhoopee Friday ~ A Woodsterman

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