Thursday, September 21, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Rep. Spartz Blasts AG Garland - Current DOJ Same As Soviet Era KGB

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 • Rep. Spartz Blasts AG Garland - Current DOJ Same As Soviet Era KGB CTH
 • Merrick Garland disgusts me and should disgust you too David Strom
 • 7 Takeaways From Merrick Garland’s Testimony to House Panel Fred Lucas
 • Our Self-Induced Catastrophe at the Border Victor Davis Hanson
 • It’s No Accident The Southern Border Is Collapsing, It’s Intentional Federalist
 • Inside Biden’s Bogus Illegal Immigrant ‘Visa’ Program Simon Hankinson
 • Garland Accidentally Admitted Biden DOJ Thwarted Weiss’s Hunter Investigation Federalist
 • JD Vance Blames Biden for ‘Politicized’ Military, Supports Tuberville’s Stand Rob Bluey
 • Schumer caves to Tuberville, sort of David Strom


 • 'Emergency' Spending Ed Morrissey
 • Housing First/ New Neo
 • 47,000 Member Oil and Gas Workers Association Endorses President Trump CTH

Scandal Central

 • J6 independent journalist convicted New Neo
 • Georgia DA Court Filing – Attorney Lin Wood Is State Witness Against President Trump and Others CTH
 • Pro-Trump Lawyer Lin Wood Says He ‘Didn’t Flip’ on Former President in Georgia Messenger


 • Tucker Carlson Interviews Texas AG Ken Paxton CTH
 • British Parliament Demands Rumble Video Platform Remove or Demonetize Russell Brand – Rumble Says NO! CTH
 • The Washington Post bends over backwards to clear up claims Katie Porter is a terrible boss John Sexton


 • Zelenskyy at the White House: Five things Ukraine wants from the US EuroNews
 • China Rolls Out Carrot-and-Stick Strategy to Influence Taiwan Ahead of Key Election VOA
 • Ukrainian spokes-trans suspended: Ukraine funding may blow up talks Beege


 • WARNING: ‘Don’t Let Your Child Fall Prey to a Manufactured Identity Crisis’ Lauren Evans
 • New study: Suppressing negative thoughts might be good for you John Sexton
 • NASA spacecraft delivering biggest sample yet from an asteroid AP


 • Trump listening to Rich Men of Richmond is what we needed to see… Whatfinger
 • Big Brother = The Surveillance Slippery Slope… Feral Irishman
 • Your Fault: Humanity Has “Opened The Gates Of Hell” Or Something Cove

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