Friday, September 15, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: The 'migrant gold rush' sends hundreds of thousands of people to America's border

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 • The 'migrant gold rush' sends hundreds of thousands of people to America's border John Sexton
 • China Building Battery ‘Gigafactory’ Near Key Military Sites In Illinois DC
 • UAW president: Democrats have abandoned us for their Green New Deal DW
 • Hunter Biden Indicted on Federal Firearms Charges; Don’t Expect FARA Charges CTH
 • Details - Hunter Biden Indicted for Gun Charges Techno Fog
 • Timing: Hunter Biden Indicted On Gun Charges Spencer Brown


 • Chicago: Growing costs of migrant care tied to projected $538 million budget deficit NBC Chicago
 • Remember that promise of no new audits below $400,000...the IRS doesn't David Strom
 • One of two major law firms sued for running segregated training programs backs down Robert Zimmerman

Scandal Central

 • Starship/Superheavy 2nd test launch likely delayed until next year by Biden Admin Bureaucracy Robert Zimmerman
 • I Pledge to Fight for Full Release of J6 Tapes, As Speaker McCarthy Promised Matt Gaetz
 • Online Censorship Going to Supreme Court Public


 • Biden breaks his silence on impeachment during fundraiser as spokesman drops a bombshell Karen Townsend
 • MeAgain Kelly Interviews President Donald Trump CTH
 • Dr. Robert Redfield Comes Clean on Government Censorship Lloyd Billingsley


 • The Chinese regime is in a legitimation crisis Bradley Thayer
 • Zelenski Taking Tin Cup to United Nations Targeting Support from Africa, Asia and Latin America CTH
 • Ukraine war: Kyiv's army 10 km from Bakhmut, evacuations ordered in south, fighter jet training EuroNews


 • Orwell would loathe today's Left Spiked
 • The Religion of Masking Brownstone
 • Wingsday, Prove Me Wrong MOTUS

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