Thursday, September 28, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: 100 Pages of New Documents Highlight Biden Bribery Evidence

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 • 100 Pages of New Documents Highlight Biden Bribery Evidence ZH
 • Under Biden, America Is becoming a police state Chris Talgo
 • Anthony Fauci Had a Secret Visit to CIA to Influence Their COVID-19 Origin Decision CTH
 • Matt Gaetz Explains Why Biden Inflation Means Bribes Must be Paid in Gold Bars CTH
 • Anti-Trump Judge Tanya Chutkan Refuses to Step Down from Trump Case in DC CTH
 • The second GOP debate was furious and messy — with no clear winner Charles Lipson
 • Societal Looters TL Davis
 • House: Let's cut the Defense Sec's salary to $1 JTN
 • Senator Katie Britt brought the fiery lecture to reporters - do your job! Karen Townsend


 • UAW’s Real Enemy Is Forced EV Conversion Andy Puzder
 • Food Stamp Program Losing $1 Billion Every Month To Alleged Fraud, Errors: Sen. Ernst ZH
 • Here Are The Last 79 Colleges Still Mandating COVID Vaccines ZH

Scandal Central

 • Fauci's Criminal Activity Continues to be Exposed and More News. Robert W Malone
 • Hunter Biden: Looking at that laptop that wasn’t mine violated my privacy Charles Lipson
 • Face it -- Hunter Biden is already pardoned James L. Swofford


 • Meta Rips Off The Author And Passes The Savings On To Skynet BattleSwarm
 • The biggest loser of last night's debate was ... Ed Morrissey
 • Mark Levin's New Book Hits NYT Bestseller List, Will They Review It? Kevin Tober


 • China's economic crisis is still getting worse John Sexton
 • Ukraine war: Kyiv's counter-offensive 'gaining ground', Russian journalists sent pig heads Euronews
 • Beijing keeps focus on security, corruption and ‘worst-case scenarios’ SCMP


 • Thursday's Energy Absurdity: Jackson Hole's EV Buses Are the Poster Child for Epic Energy Transition Failure Cowboy State Daily
 • What can you do if the government declares you dead? Jazz Shaw
 • Cigarette Sparks Explosion Inside Dodge Charger, Starts House Fire Jalopnik


 • In Praise of the New Dress Code for Democrats N. A. Halkides
 • The headline you needed: British pilot snorts coke off of topless woman Outkick
 • Libturd Thursday is Upon Us ~ A Woodsterman

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