Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: America: This Time It's Personal

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America: This Time It's Personal: Dyer
Holder to La Raza: We Support Your Racist Agenda: C&S
DNC Chief Called on to Release Tax Returns: WS

Obama Announces He’s to the Left of Pelosi: Dossier
Democrats Now Sending Staffers to Stalk Republican Opponents: MenRec
Is President Obama Intentionally Destroying America?: DLim


Obama: Horrid Jobs Report a Step in the Right Direction: S&L
Biggest Financial Fraud in History Receives Scant Attention: CFP
White House Has Literally Said to Ignore Job Reports For Years: MenRec

Obama Transportation Sec.: U.S. Should Be Like Red China: Foundry
Global Collapse In Auto Sales Coming Right Up: Mish
Ruh Roh: Futures Brokerage PFG Best Suffers 'Accounting Irregularities': ZH

Progressives keep urging those failed economic policies: Bookworm
Obama: No Bush Tax Cuts For Incomes Over $200K: S&L
Florida: Worst TB outbreak in 20 years kept secret: Riehl

Scandal Central

SunPower: Twice As Bad As Solyndra, Twice As Bad For Obama: Events
5 'Fast and Furious' Suspects Indicted: Fox Latino
California's High-Speed Rail: Unsafe at Any Speed: RWN

Climate & Energy

GE Solar Delay Shows Timing Will Never Be Good: NLPC
Green Jobs Count: Fewer than Before, Sillier than Ever: Foundry
This is what global cooling really looks like: Watts


56% of Likely Voters Feel Obama Has Changed the Country for the Worse: STACLU
ABC News: Obama Tax Increases Will Effect 900,000 Small Businesses: Fox
How Huffington Post's Clever Traffic-Generation Machine Works: Slashdot

Fraud: CNN Airs False Accusation That Romney Broke Tax Laws: Breitbart
Michael Moore Apparently Doesn’t Believe He Deserves Electricity: Powers
HBO's 'Newsroom' Becomes MSNBC: Trashes Tea Party, Compares Bachmann to McCarthy: NB


Obama To Sign Anti-Second Amendment U.N. Gun Treaty: IBD
Europe Speeds Up Aid to Spanish Banks: BizWk
Europe must act fast to avoid the risk of a bank run: Fortune

Obama Pursues “Reset” While Putin Pursues “Get Set”: Foundry
Arafat Suffered from Leukemia, Medical Treatment Exasperated His Condition: IsraelDefense
New crisis loom over Egypt over legislature's fate: BizWk


July 4th fireworks fiasco in San Diego? Computer virus gets the blame: Sophos
OneClick Downloads Torrents Directly in Chrome: LifeHacker
TopHQBooks Is a Search Engine for Free PDF Ebooks: LifeHacker


Fun Bob (NSFW): C&S
so why did the big bang make hydrogen?: Winter Soldier
The Greatest Game Nobody Ever Saw: Sports Illustrated

Image: Europe Speeds Up Aid to Spanish Banks
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QOTD: "...according to a recent Gallup survey, 81% of Americans are dissatisfied with the way the nation is being governed. Since Gallup started asking that question in the early 1970s, dissatisfaction has never been higher.

And Rasmussen polls find that consistently two-thirds to three-quarters of Americans say our country is on the "wrong track." They may not know exactly why, but most Americans believe their government is changing our nation for the worse.

What is the answer? We caught a glimpse of it in 2010, when a movement of ethical populism—the tea party—mobilized millions of Americans to read the United States Constitution and demand politics that reflect the majority's values. And while woefully misguided in its diagnoses and policy solutions, the Occupy Wall Street movement was at least right to protest the malignant cronyism in our economy. That energy must re-emerge in 2012 and become a permanent part of our political landscape." --Arthur Brooks

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