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The Declaration of War the mainstream media ignored

A couple of years ago, German newspapers described the imminent possibility of a U.S. first strike against Iran's nuclear infrastructure. It seemed plausible at the time, given the Mullahs' declaration of war against the U.S., Israel, and the U.K.

Wait a second. You say you didn't hear anything about a declaration of war by Iran against the West?

Lest it was missed in the 24/7 news cycle featuring Nancy Grace, Britney Spears and Madonna's troubled marriage, we call attention to Iran's top military strategist, a man named Hassan Abbasi, who publicly stated:

We have a strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization... we must make use of everything we have at hand to strike at this front by means of our suicide operations or by means of our missiles. There are 29 sensitive sites in the U.S. and in the West. We have already spied on these sites and we know how we are going to attack them.

Not inflammatory enough for you? Well, hit the play button on the tape of Iran's "President" Ahmadinejad in October, 2005:

We are in the process of an historical war between the World of Arrogance [the West] and the Islamic world, and this war has been going on for hundreds of years...

In this very grave war, many people are trying to scatter grains of desperation and hopelessness regarding the struggle between the Islamic world and the front of the infidels...

Is it possible for us to witness a world without America and Zionism? had best know that this... goal [is] attainable...

Yes, my friends, you just heard a de facto  declaration of war on our country by a totalitarian, fascist nutcase. And, as a free added bonus, he's a nutcase with messianic delusions.

In his speeches, Ahmadinejad frequently mentions the 12th Imam (or Mahdi), a messianic figure who vanished in 941 and whose return will herald "the end of days." Oh, goody. And Ahmadinejad even mentioned the Mahdi in his speech a couple of years ago at the UN. And he frequently describes the realignment of Iran's government to prepare for judgment day. Dee-lightful.

In August 2004, MEMRI's Steven Stalinsky, writing in The New York Sun, reported that some Iranians in the U.S. may have been performing recon missions:

It was reported that America expelled two Iranian security guards employed by Tehran’s U.N. offices on June 29, after the mission was repeatedly warned against allowing its guards to videotape bridges, the Statue of Liberty, and New York’s subway system.This was the third time the Iranians have been caught in such activities, which could be connected to the sites mentioned in potential plans to attack America.

Pity the mainstream media can't do simple arithmetic. Take a fascist dictator with delusions of messianic grandeur, add in a burgeoning nuclear weapons capability, fling in some reconnaissance missions, and then toss in a few scoops of hatred for the West. The result? A recipe Adolf Hitler would love.

I guess this story isn't big enough for the likes of the New York Times. Or the Washington Post. Or the San Francisco Chronicle. Or, for that matter, any member of the mainstream media.

We're on the brink of catastrophe. And the mainstream media couldn't care less.

* * *

Hassan Abbassi is the head of the Center for External Security Doctrinal Analysis, a strategic component of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Abbassi has arrived at a war plan for the West that would obliterate Anglo-Saxon civilization, starting with Britain.

According to Abbassi, "Britain is the mother of all evils" seeing as how the remnants of the British Empire -- the U.S., Australia, Israel, New Zealand, the Gulf States, Canada, etc. -- turned out.

In a May 2005 lecture at Tehran University, Abbassi remarked:

...[The US has] 6,000 nuclear warheads on [its] soil. Those 6,000 warheads are the target of our plans. The guerilla groups will go and destroy those warheads there. Not Iranian guerilla groups, but groups from all... countries... [we are] working on the Mexicans and the Argentinians. We will organize everyone who has problems with America. When our Internet site goes up, the American friends should get hold of the address. We've prepared plans concerning the American Achilles' heal and their weaknesses. We have identified all of their weaknesses on land, in the air, by sea, their technological weaknesses, etc., and we will pass on addresses to the guerilla organizations of the entire world concerning these, America's weaknesses.

We have established a department that will take care of England. England's demise is on our agenda.

If America attacks us, Don't worry at all... Through the Straits of Hormuz, 67% of the world's total energy passes. You must know this. Imagine I'm gone and, God willing, you want to face America. Take a tanker to the Straits Of Hormuz and sink it there. The tanker won't sink because the water is shallow there - about 50 meters. The tanker itself is 55 meters high, and when it will lie on the surface, half of it will protrude. It will take five months until it will be salvaged. A rise in oil prices, as you have seen, causes the West fever. These are the weaknesses...

Iran isn't Somalia. It is indeed a regional power, with a stated mission of destroying -- in its leaderships' own words -- all of "Anglo-Saxon civilization."

How should we interpret this declaration of war? Our choices appear to be simple. Should the West excise Iran's ability to wage nuclear war? Or should it, in the words of Mark Steyn, "wait 'til we we've got absolute definitive 100% proof that [Iran's] got WMD - the absolute definitive 100% proof being a smoking crater where Tel Aviv used to be, or maybe London."

Pity the mainstream media can't expend the necessary energy to report this story, even if it's only to let Iran's intended victims make up their own minds.

* * *

The Guardian, a leading British newspaper, was given a top secret, 55-page intelligence assessment dated 1 July 2005 that describes Iran's quest for nuclear weapons (hat tip: Hugh Hewitt). The report was gleaned from British, French, German, and Belgian intelligence agencies and was used to brief the heads of European governments on the dangers represented by the Mullahs.

The Iranian government has been successfully scouring Europe for the sophisticated equipment needed to develop a nuclear bomb, according to the latest western intelligence assessment of the country's weapons programmes.

Scientists in Tehran are also shopping for parts for a ballistic missile capable of reaching Europe...

..."import requests and acquisitions ... [are] registered almost daily", the report seen by the Guardian concludes.

All of the factors add up. Nuclear weapons. Long-range missiles. Radical leadership that has promised to create a world without the US, Britain and Israel. Leadership that further believes the end of the world is coming within the next two years.

The Mullahs desire a nuclear Armageddon. But no one in the west, save a few blog readers, even seem to know it.

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