Thursday, July 24, 2008

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: "I'm all ears!"

• Don Surber: 'People of the World, Look at Berlin!'

• Atlas: Obama's foreign contributions: who is Ronald Hickel?: "John and I, in continuing to pour over these documents in the old fashion way, tedious line by tedious line, have found dozens, literally dozens of instances in which people have clearly made contributions over the applicable $2300 per individual limit, without consequence or direction to the Obama campaign to disgorge such illegally gotten fund..."

• A Blog for All: Why Obama will never be President: "Does he have a single position today that was the same on January 1 2008? Okay, I'm being sarcastic, but not by much. He has flip-flopped on Iraq, FISA, federal campaign money, just to name a couple. Plus, I think his and the Dem's 'no drilling for oil, at anytime, anywhere' is going to kill them both in November."

• Gateway Pundit: Obama visits Iraq and asks 'Why is FOX always on?" and then goes on to ask, "Is that the commander in chief's choice?" Atlas has the video. Hint: Armed Forces Radio and Televsion offer all major stations. The Armed Forces are choosing Fox. Cheezus.

• Primetime Politics: Lt. Col. Russell is about to put a stake in Hack Murtha's career?

• All Headline News: Lieberman Speaks To Hagee's Group

• Daily Gut: Giving Obama the Bush -- Q: "What did Obama say when Al Gore offered him advice?" A: "I'm all ears!""

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