Friday, July 25, 2008

John Edwards, Rielle Hunter, a love child, and a Security Guard

A Fox News report would appear to confirm John Edwards' presence at an L.A. hotel... reportedly to visit his mistress -- Rielle Hunter -- and their love child.

A security guard at the Beverly Hills Hilton identified Sen. John Edwards, stating that he shielded Edwards from National Enquirer reporters... [he] said that he encountered Edwards in the hotel's men's bathroom as he became enthralled in a battle with reporters on the other end of the door. The reporters were bombarding Edwards with questions about an affair with Rielle Hunter.

The guard identified the man as Edwards when he was shown a picture of him, according to Fox News. "What are they saying about me?" the guard said Edwards asked.

When the guard told him that the reporters were asking him about Hunter and their rumored affair and love child, "his face just went totally white," the guard said.

Earlier this week The Enquirer reported that they "busted" John Edwards visiting his alleged lover Rielle Hunter and their young child in Los Angeles.

Vice Presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards was caught visiting his mistress and secret love child at 2:40 this morning in a Los Angeles hotel by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

The married ex-senator from North Carolina - whose wife Elizabeth continues to battle cancer -- met with his mistress, blonde divorcée Rielle Hunter, at the Beverly Hilton on Monday night, July 21 - and the NATIONAL ENQUIRER was there! He didn't leave until early the next morning.

Rielle had driven to Los Angeles from Santa Barbara with a male friend for the rendezvous with Edwards. The former senator attended a press event Monday afternoon with L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on the topic of how to combat homelessness.

But a months-long NATIONAL ENQUIRER investigation had yielded information that Rielle and Edwards, 54, had arranged to secretly meet afterward and for the ex-senator to spend some time with both his mistress and the love child who he refuses to publicly acknowledge as his own.

...Rielle had reserved rooms 246 and 252 under the name of the friend who had accompanied her from Santa Barbara, Bob McGovern. Rielle was in one room and McGovern was in another with her baby. This allowed her and Edwards to spend time alone, a source revealed... ...he stayed until attempting to sneak out of the hotel unseen at 2:40 a.m. (PST).

...Shocked to see a reporter, and without saying anything, Edwards ran up the stairs leading from the hotel basement to the lobby. But, spotting a photographer, he doubled back into the basement. As he emerged from the stairwell, reporter Butterfield questioned him about his hookup with Rielle.

Edwards did not answer and then ran into a nearby restroom. He stayed inside for about 15 minutes, refusing to answer questions from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER about what he was doing in the hotel. A group of hotel security men eventually escorted him from the men's room...

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