Thursday, July 31, 2008

Edwards "Love Child" Birth Certificate Shows No Father!

The John Edwards Love Child Saga™ (I've gone ahead and trademarked the phrase) has finally broken through the mainstream media blockade. Lisa Zagaroli of McClatchy Newspapers reports:

Birth certificate of child linked to Edwards lists no father

The birth certificate of a child who a tabloid newspaper claims is linked to former Sen. John Edwards doesn't identify a father... The certificate, obtained by McClatchy today, shows Frances Quinn Hunter was born Feb. 27, more than two months after an Edwards aide claimed to be the father. Andrew Young, a former Edwards campaign finance director, claimed paternity in a statement from his lawyer posted at the political blog

The girl was born at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, Calif., to Rielle Jaya James Druck, also known as Rielle Hunter. Hunter, 44, was a videographer on Edwards' presidential campaign last year.

Asked Thursday why no father was listed on the birth certificate, Hunter's attorney, Robert Gordon of New York, said, "A lot of women do that.

Reminded that he and Hunter had publicly revealed the father's identity two months earlier to the National Enquirer, Gordon said, "That's a personal matter between them."

Gordon declined to comment further. (Ed: Ooops!!)

With unmarried couples, California State law requires both parents to sign a "Declaration of Paternity" form prior to the father's name being put on the birth certificate. If the father is not present, his name may be added to the birth certificate at a later date after proper forms are obtained from the Department of Vital Records.

On Wednesday, Edwards declined to answer questions about the allegations... About a dozen reporters and photojournalists attended a speech Edwards gave to an AARP Foundation symposium on poverty and aging in Washington... Edwards emerged near the rear of the hotel with two men. When approached by a reporter, Edwards said, "Can't do it now, I'm sorry" and quickly walked past.

Asked about the Beverly Hilton, Edwards said "sorry" and got into a waiting car with the other men. Asked twice more to address the Enquirer story, Edwards was silent until the car doors were closed.

Radar's latest Edwards update asks whether former NBA journeyman Eric Montross is the Edwards backer-turned-mistress-financier

Here's where things get weird: five days later, [DBKP] received a tip that the house Hunter had moved into was owned by a former NBA player who had contributed money to the Edwards campaign. Doing some digging, [another blogger] reported that the only former NBA player who had donated money to Edwards was Eric Montross, a UNC graduate who was drafted by the Boston Celtics back in 1994 and ended his NBA career in 2003. Montross gave $4,600 to Edwards during the 2008 election cycle; he was described as a "big backer of John Edwards' White House bid" by CNN. (Edwards went to UNC law school.)

...An Intelius search reveals that Montross does indeed currently reside in the Governors Club gated community, so that jibes with both the Enquirer's initial reporting as well as the subsequent blog tip.

DBKP's latest adds an entertaining tidbit:

Edwards Flees From Reporters 2nd Time in 10 Days

It may be too late for John Edwards to try out for the 1000 meters at the Beijing Olympics, but he's certainly getting in some practice running from reporters... Using a side area, usually reserved for the kitchen staff, John Edwards, fled from reporters, "at least some of whom wanted to question him about recent reports in the National Enquirer that alleged an inappropriate relationship with a former campaign videographer."

The best question raised in this whole affair: just where did the funds come from to pay Rielle Hunter? The American Thinker offers the best analysis of the financial aspects of the situation.

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