Friday, July 18, 2008

Line o' the day: McCain's candid feedback

Describing Barack Obama's magical mystery tour to Iraq, John McCain observed:

"He would be going to a very different Iraq had we done what he wanted to do. There would be chaos, there would be sectarian violence, and there would be increasing Iranian influence."

That's gonna leave a mark.

The runner-up? Charles Krauthammer:

If we had listened to him, we'd be looking at a strategic calamity.

Update: The Weekly Standard's Obama, Democrats, and the Surge (They were against it before it worked.):

Obama, then, was not only wrong about the surge; he was spectacularly wrong. And he continued to remain wrong even as mounting evidence of its success gave way to overwhelming evidence of its success.

But Obama is not alone. Virtually the entire Democratic party, including every Democrat running for president, opposed the surge.

Not to worry. The American Left has been spectacularly wrong on slavery, Nazism and Communism as well.

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