Thursday, September 06, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Context: Harry Reid did that filibuster reform back in 2013

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A journalist's view from inside Hillary Clinton's doomed 2008 and 2016 campaigns.
Context: Harry Reid did that filibuster reform back in 2013: Stealth Jeff
The “New” Left: The Democratic Socialists of America: Matthew Vadum
Full Transcript Of Trump’s Oval Office Interview With The Daily Caller: DC

They Destroy Everything They Touch, Volume 2: Scott McKay
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel drops out, and it's Lord of the Flies, again: John Kass
Thread by @jack Before Congress: @Jack

Senate Democrats Interrupt Kavanaugh Hearing 76 Times: David Rutz
Feinstein Outrages Left After Apologizing to Kavanaugh for Hearing Disruptions: Haris Alic
The Democrat Clown Show: Darleen Click

Liberal groups knock Schumer’s handling of Kavanaugh nomination: Politico
Schumer Tries To Embarrass Mitch McConnell And Gets Dragged For His Efforts: RS
Feinstein Clashes With Kavanaugh on Second Amendment: Mikhael Smits

Supreme Court's days as super-legislature are over and Democrats aren't happy: Exam
Trump Accuses Social Media Companies Of Interfering On Hillary's Behalf: DC
Jon Kyl sworn into office, giving Senate GOP 51 votes: Al Weaver


Crazy Town Trump makes his move to balance the budget: Don Surber
Illegal Aliens Dropping Welfare Over Deportation Fears: TPI

Scandal Central

Giuliani hopeful on Mueller's proposal for written answers from Trump: Naomi Lim
Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the Magnitsky Act, & the Steele Dossier: Jeff Carlson
Judicial Watch Busts FISA Court Corruption: CHQ

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Was Nuclear Energy Sabotaged? : Hanblecheya
Court Backtracks On Order Forcing Trump’s EPA To Enforce Obama-Era Rule: Chris White


How Stupid Does @ChuckTodd Think Americans Are?: Daniel Greenfield
White House senior official writes op-ed saying Trump is 'detrimental to the health of our republic': Jessie Karangu
Trump: NY Times should 'turn' anonymous Trump official behind op-ed 'over to government at once': Naomi Lim

Mattis calls revelations about President Trump in Woodward’s new book ‘fiction’: Tara Copp
Twitter not based on 'political ideology,' CEO tells lawmakers: DigitalJournal
Kim Kardashian visits Oval Office with ex-judge who asks Trump to reverse life sentence he issued: Steven Nelson


North Korea's media say Kim Jong Un vows nuclear-free Korea amid standoff: AP
The Trump Administration’s China Strategy May Become Its Biggest Legacy: Sumantra Maitra
Pentagon Plans to Deploy Space-Based Missiles: Bill Gertz

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

MIT’s depression-detecting AI might be its scariest creation yet: Tristan Greene
Deep Learning for NLP: An Overview of Recent Trends: KDnuggets
U.K. Gov’t Report Finds E-Cigarettes ‘Substantially Less Harmful,’ Urges Deregulation: Liz Harrington


Ronsday – Funerals: GoC
Football Rating is Going Up: Reddit
Intelligence Officials: Robert Caron, and Joshua Macias: @TracyBeanz

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