Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Why must everything Rosenstein be filled with drama?

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The 100-Year Marathon: One of the U.S. government's leading China experts reveals the hidden strategy fueling that country's rise – and how Americans have been seduced into helping China overtake us as the world's leading superpower.
Why must everything Rosenstein be filled with drama?: John Solomon
Rosenstein...: CTH
Kavanaugh: I'm asking for a 'fair process': Jordain Carney

White House: Rosenstein and Trump Will Meet on Thursday: David Rutz
Trump dismisses allegations against Brett Kavanaugh as 'totally political': Melissa Quinn
Rod Rosenstein's fate should depend on a speedy investigation: Tom Rogan

Yes, Let’s See Emails That Led To New Accusation Against Kavanaugh: Hot Air
Kavanaugh Sends Defiant Letter To Grassley, Feinstein: Benny Johnson
If Women Should Be Believed: Nancy Pelosi's Brother Was a Rapist?: NewsAlert

Mark Levin: 'Democrats Have Hijacked the Judicial Confirmation Process': FNI
Republican Party Favorability Highest in Seven Years: Jim Norman, Gallup
McConnell: Kavanaugh Will Receive a Vote in the Senate: Andrew Kugle


Pat Condell on "Brexit Morons": BattleSwarm
China reveals its new party line: We're trying to save the world from the US: CNBC
Starbucks plans layoffs, 'significant changes' to company: Matthew Rocco

Scandal Central

New Yorker Publishes New Hit on Kavanaugh Without Any Witnesses: Carrie Sheffield
Democrats Go Full Authoritarian To Stop Brett Kavanaugh: David Harsanyi
All Four Of Dr. Ford’s Named Witnesses Deny Knowledge Of Party: Jeff Dunetz

Kavanaugh accusers enlist high-powered lawyers, Dem operatives: Alex Pappas
Ms. Blasey-Ford Attorney Casts Doubt on Appearance…: CTH
President Trump on Accusations Against Kavanaugh: “It is totally political”: CTH


Even Liberal Media Highly Skeptical of New Yorker Hit Piece: Kyle Drennen
Womp, Womp: NYT Buries News It Couldn’t Back Up Kavanaugh Claim, Nuking 'New Yorker' Piece: Curtis Houck
Hatch: Democrats’ Objective With Kavanaugh Probe ‘Is Not Truth, but Politics’: Paul Crookston

Pompeo Rips Acosta for ‘Ludicrous’ Question About 25th Amendment, Forgetting He Was CIA Director: David Rutz
Judge Kavanaugh Fights Back Emotions During Interview: S. Noble
The Media’s War on Brett Kavanaugh Hits Another Low: Jarrett Stepman


Trump's double whammy blow against Russia and China: Tom Rogan
IT Group Calls on Pompeo to Press Iran on American Prisoners During U.N. Summit: Susan Crabtree
The world won't support Trump's Iran policy: Tom Rogan

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

U.S. Urged to Rapidly Prepare for Electromagnetic Pulse Attack: Bill Gertz
A paralyzed man makes great strides with spinal stimulation and rehab: Laura Sanders
The first rovers to explore an asteroid just sent photos home: Lisa Grossman


Stunner: Michael Moore’s Anti-Trump Movie Flops at Box Office: Paul Crookston
Review: Dark Tourist: John Ruberry
We Live In Interesting Times: MOTUS

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Interesting find on Nancy Pelosi's brother being a rapist.
The fact is Dianne Feinstein has quite a bit of dirty laundry as well. She, and many Senators and Congressmen have pasts that according to the standards they impose thoroughly disqualify them from public office.
If the Press were to do their jobs and tell us who these people really are before we vote for them it would be a true public service.