Sunday, September 09, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Sidney Powell Discusses Mueller’s Team, Ohr and the Bigger FISA Picture

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Sidney Powell Discusses Mueller’s Team, Ohr and the Bigger FISA Picture: CTH
POTUS: N.Y. Times Editorial A Matter Of National Security, Author Will Be Found: OAN
The Lost Frontier: Mark Steyn

Chuck Schumer on Impeaching Trump: ‘The Sooner the Better’: Mikhael Smits
Kavanaugh abandons approval of NSA phone dragnet, skeptics aren't sold: Steven Nelson
Death Throes of #StopKavanaugh: Perjury accusations, criminal and Bar complaints: LI

Former President Obama Appeals to California Voters: “Things Can Get Worse”: CTH
Obama Posed With Farrakhan, Accuses GOP of "Racial Nationalism": Daniel Greenfield
American Flag 1, Beto O'Rourke 0: BattleSwarm

My Thank You Note to Barack Obama: DTG
Illegal Alien Attacks on ICE and Border Agents Are Increasing, Thank a Democrat: S. Noble
Michigan Lieutenant Governor Candidate Legitimizes Hamas: Alex Vanness


Ezra Levant: Justin From Canada Intentionally Sabotaging U.S-Canada Trade? Deal: CTH
NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow Discusses Stunning U.S. Economic Position: CTH

Climate, Energy & Regulations

BBC tells journalists that IPCC is God, can not be wrong –”No debate allowed”: JoNova


Obama Claims He Never Tried to Silence Conservative Opponents, He Forgets Operation Rushbo: Daniel Greenfield
NY Times Editor Calls Out Obama’s False Statement: S. Noble
Deliverance: Mark Steyn

James Woods Warns Conservatives: Get Armed and Vote, Your Life Depends On It: TPI
Levi Strauss Forms Gun-Control Group with Bloomberg, Pushes Employees to Donate: Stephen Gutowski
Fabulists at CNN Publish a Fake News Story About Judge Kavanaugh: S. Noble


Immigration Moves Europeans Right: Christopher Gage
No long-range missiles, N.Korea military parade features floats and flowers: JPost
Khamenei urges Iran's armed forces to "scare off" enemy: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Elon Musk's antics put Tesla at risk: Joe Williams
Why things can look like they’re moving faster than light: John Timmer
Cubesats: little satellites with big potential: James O'Malley


Don’t get cocky, Progs: Sondrakistan
…They All Look Like Gameshow Hosts To Me: MOTUS
Royal Navy Sailors Arrested In Florida During HMS Queen Elizabeth's First Visit To U.S.: TheDrive

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