Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Global revolution averted

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Endorsed by the President! Gregg Jarrett takes a flamethrower to the entire Russia/collusion myth.
Global revolution averted: Bud Bromley
Sun Tzu And the Trump Doctrine: Jeff Cunningham
'Good job, Jeff': Trump blasts Sessions for criminal charges against GOP: Anna Giaritelli

It’s Time the FBI Showed Its Cards on Efforts to Verify the Steele Dossier: Brian Cates
As Kavanaugh Looms, One Senate Democrat Regrets Killing Filibuster: Kevin Daley
Delay, demand, derail: The Democrats' attack plan against Kavanaugh: Melissa Quinn

Andrew Gillum 'deeply appreciative' of billionaires Soros, Steyer in FL gov race: Times
Claire McCaskill Said Hillary Clinton Was ‘Phony’ During 2000 Interview: Brent Scher
Judge Rules DACA Illegal, but Leaves It in Place for Appeal: R. Cort Kirkwood


10 Years Later --- No Lessons Learned: Jim Quinn
What Would a Marxist Death Cult Socialist America Look Like?: Politico
Rising Oil: $4 A Gallon Gas Would Put Enormous Stress On The U.S. Economy: TMIN

Scandal Central

What Dark Secret Lurks Behind the Deep State Cabal Against Trump?: EIB
A Look at the Russian Ties to the Steele Dossier: Jeff Carlson
Tom Fitton: At Least 11 FBI Payments went to Steele: JW

The Second Coming: A Thriller... A child cloned from the blood on the Shroud of Turin has the potential to save the world—or destroy it.


As Someone Who Knows the Details of Roseanne...: Thomas Wictor
How Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the face of Trump resistance: Chris "Fusion" Cillizza
CNN's Left-Wing Campaign to Censor Breitbart: Joel B. Pollak


US Service Member Killed In Apparent Insider Attack In Eastern Afghanistan: Jared Keller
Losing the Negev: David Isaac
Putin admitted having forces in Ukraine: Hollande: EUobserver

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Twitter Says 'Shadow Ban' a Mistake — Just Days Before CEO Testifies: Allum Bokhari
Can Trump trust-bust the tech giants?: Steven Nelson
Constructing an Alcubierre Warp Drive: Ella Alderson


Nike makes Colin Kaepernick the face of its annual 'Just Do It' campaign: Anna Giaritelli
No Sh*t: A New ‘Long March’ Contest: Tom Ricks
Huma Abedin honors John McCain with first tweet in two years: Daniel Chaitin

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