Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Lisa Murkowski Wavers on Kavanaugh After Bogus Assault Allegations

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The Second Coming: A child cloned from the blood on the Shroud of Turin has the potential to save the world—or utterly destroy it.
Lisa Murkowski Wavers on Kavanaugh After Bogus Assault Allegations: LifeNews
Decency dies in the Senate: W. Michael Caswell
Chairman Grassley Schedules Committee Vote Friday For SCOTUS Nominee: CTH

MUST SEE: President Trump's Full Speech to the U.N.: C-Span
This Is Our Home: Christian Mercenary
What Trump's travel schedule means for the midterm elections: W. James Antle III

Ford’s lawyer has not turned over results of polygraph and therapist’s notes.: AP
Phoenix sex crimes prosecutor hired to question Kavanaugh accuser: Katelyn Caralle
Comey, Lynch, Yates asked to testify in House investigation into FBI, DOJ: Katelyn Caralle


Trump is cracking the Mexico-Canada united front on NAFTA: Sean Higgins
Lighthizer: It is Unlikely U.S and Canada Will Reach Trade Agreement: CTH
Yale cancels some classes as law students protest Brett Kavanaugh nomination: Globe

Scandal Central

Beta O’Rourke lies about leaving the scene of a DWI: WaPo
Antifa Website Calls for 'Slaughter' of 'Border Patrol Dogs and their Bosses': PJM
IRS Officials – “Give Increased Scrutiny” to Conservative[s]...I don’t give a s**t if that is a crime”: PV

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Colossal Icelandic volcano threatens to wreak havoc on northern Europe: DailyMail


Rosenstein vs. McCabe: CTH
Breaking: So Debra Ramirez's attorney, John Clune, went on CNN...: Kimberley Strassel
'NBC Nightly News' Suffers Lowest-Rated Year Ever.: TheWrap

Sanders vs. Stephanapoulos: ABC
Atlantic Magazine: Immigration is Fracturing America into Rival Tribes: Neil Munro
What happened to late-night comedy?: Becket Adams


Turkey's Erdogan says court will decide fate of detained U.S. pastor: Reuters
"We Are Bigger than Your Jesus!": Raymond Ibrahim
Will North Korea Take Over South Korea?: Gordon G. Chang

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Big Tech's privacy practices in spotlight at Sessions' meeting with prosecutors: James Langford
Honeybees being killed by world's most popular weedkiller Roundup: DailyMail
Robots will have 'bug in AI code leading to unintended murder sprees': Daily Star


Brett Kavanaugh, The Ticking Time Bomb Waiting: Ron Boat
D’oh – Joe Biden Explains Irrelevance of FBI Investigations Within SCOTUS Nomination Process: CTH
Incidents and Accidents: That’s How You Get More Trump: MOTUS

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