Thursday, September 20, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Mark Levin’s blistering rebuke of the Dems’ Kavanaugh smears is fire

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The Second Coming: A Thriller... A child cloned from the blood on the Shroud of Turin has the potential to save the world—or destroy it for good.
Mark Levin’s blistering rebuke of the Dems’ Kavanaugh smears is fire: Chris Pandolfo
Democrats want to stop Supreme Court nominees until after 2020 election: Emily Jashinsky
Brett Kavanaugh Has Been Found Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Alex Griswold

The air has seeped out of the Russia/collusion balloon: Michael Barone
Huge Upset for GOP: State Senate Seat Flips Red for First Time in 139 Years: Debra Heine
AG Jeff Sessions carrying out Trump immigration restriction agenda: Ann Corcoran

Soros-, Steyer-Backed Group Jumps Into Colorado Gov Race: Todd Shepherd
Grassley to Kavanaugh Accuser: Please Accept Senate Invitation to Testify: Paul Crookston
Democrats Are Starting to Realize Their Kavanaugh Ploy Is Collapsing: Erick Erickson

Devin Nunes Discusses “Unacceptable Delay” in Declassification Process: CTH
Conflicting Reports Over DOJ and FBI “Classification” and “Redaction Removal”: CTH
Kids don't know enough about civics — but this could save them: David Davenport


Want to make federal employees easier to fire?: James Simpson
China tariffs will wound US natural gas industry, but not mortally: Josh Siegel
N.J. grocery store owner admits $888K food stamps fraud scheme: NJ

Scandal Central

Why Christine Blasey Ford's High School Yearbooks Were Scrubbed: COT1A
Deep State Unmasked, U.S. GAO Auditor Admits “I Break Rules Every Day”: Veritas
Ellison Accuser Posts 2017 Medical Document Indicating She Was Afraid of ‘Retribution’: Aryssa Damron

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Dem Senators & Gore seek vast new expansion of SEC ‘climate’ rules – ‘Medieval witchcraft’: Depot


The Playbook, the Press, the Plan, and the Patsies: Michael Walsh
We Have A New Winner In "Most Ludicrous Sample Bias In A Texas Senate Race Poll!": BattleSwarm
Media Hits Democrats for Politicizing Kavanaugh Accusation: David Rutz


Laura Ingraham Interviews Secretary of State Mike Pompeo…: CTH
How a tragic photograph illuminated India’s better future: Tom Rogan
Iranian Official Slams Regime Over Mistreatment of Imprisoned American: Susan Crabtree

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

New Multibank-Backed Venture to Leverage Blockchain for Commodity Trading: BitcoinMag
The Joy of Tech comic... The Internet of ransomware things!: GeekCulture
Is group chat making you sweat?: Jason Fried


Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh Fail to Move Public Opinion: Scott Rasmussen
Where Is Our Émile Zola?: MOTUS
#SpyGate Part III ~ THE LIST: Essential Sources & Reading: Annie Fields

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

After seeing Blasey-Fords picture in the "scrubbed yearbooks" I am struck that Kavanaugh's oldest daughter is not much younger than Blasey was who at 15 inserted herself into Holden Arms sexual culture.
The real story that has emerged here is how this could have happened; where was the oversight, where were her parents, how could she have had the reported 64 sex partners at that age?
An investigation is required into Holden Arms and other all girl schools because they take young women and allow them to be grist for the liberal mill. Look where it ends up! Psychotherapy, Women's Studies, Abortion, Antifa, Unrestrained behavior, with the penultimate result looking like and acting like Dianne Feinstein, Gloria Allread, and Maxipad Waters.