Saturday, September 29, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Democrats --- Still the Party of Lynching

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The Second Coming: A child cloned from the blood on the Shroud of Turin has the potential to save the world—or utterly destroy it.
Still the Party of Lynching: Ole Summers
The Art of the Never-Ending Investigation: Karl Notturno
Ford, Ramirez and a Woman Named Broaddrick: Larry Elder

The Real Reason Democrats Want FBI Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh: Matt Walsy
Flake backs Kavanaugh, boosting his chances of confirmation: Melissa Quinn
Stalin Would Approve: Ben Stein

Jeff Flake's Financial Reward: CTH
GOP agrees to limited FBI investigation into Kavanaugh: Susan Ferrechio
POTUS Concedes: Requests “limited” FBI Investigation of Brett Kavanaugh: CTH

The Left and the Rule of Lawlessness: Thaddeus G. McCotter
Have They No Shame?: Scott Johnson
Revenge of the Nerds: Swamp Edition: Julie Kelly

Scandal Central

Peter King calls for Trump to 'immediately' declassify Russia probe docs: Hill
Democrats Will Investigate Kavanaugh, Float Impeachment If Confirmed: Peter Hasson
FBI lacks the credibility to investigate: Don Surber

Climate, Energy & Regulations

7.5 Earthquake, 10-Foot Tsunami Hits Indonesia, Kills 48, Injures Hundreds: Beth Baumann
Popocatépetl volcano eruption: Smoke rises above Mexico city: Express
Indonesian quake, tsunami kills hundreds, death toll seen rising: Reuters


Women With Teenage Sons and Daughters Will Support Brett: Rabbi Aryeh Spero
MeToo may just be too much: Phil Valentine
Erasing History Week in Higher Education: Mike LaChance

Kavanaugh Accuser's Legal Team Makes Expected Move, Wants Open-Ended Investigation: DailyWire
GoFundMe Donations For Kavanaugh Accuser Skyrocket After Mention In Testimony: Daily Wire
USA Today Promotes Investigative Theory: Judge Kavanaugh Child Sex Predator: CTH


IDF unveils photos of secret Hezbollah missile ‎facilities in Lebanon, near Beirut airport: JNS
Trump eyeing Arab ‘boots on the ground’ to counter Iran in Syria: Travis J. Tritten
US Evacuating Consulate In Iraq, Citing Threats From Iran: Zero Hedge

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The training of Putin's famed special forces unit who schooled Skripals' assassin: DailyMail
The Transportation Revolution: Self-Driving Cars Are Only the Beginning: Jim McGregor
Crypto Traders Can Invest in Precious Metals Like Gold, Possibly on Exchanges: NewsBTC


Hillary Clinton makes a cameo in 'Murphy Brown' reboot: Judy Kurtz
Can someone please tell me who did this video?: @girlsreallyrule
What Is That Stench?: MOTUS

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