Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The Battle for the Cities Is Over. The Battle for the Suburbs Has Begun

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The Battle for the Cities Is Over. The Battle for the Suburbs Has Begun: Edward Ring
Bernie’s Campaign Co-Chair Says Voting For Biden Is Like Eating ‘A Bowl Of S***’: DC
AP Reporter inside Portland’s Besieged Courthouse as terrorists attack: RS

No, The left isn’t fighting against fascism: Jeff Goldstein
Photos of the Democrat Party Sanctioned Destruction and Rioting in their Communities: GWP
Seattle PD Releases Bodycam Footage of Cops Attacked with Explosives, 59 Injured: Hannity

McConnell unveils GOP HEALS Act proposal with targeted coronavirus aid: Susan Ferrechio
How to bring New York City’s refugees back home: Karol Markowicz
No, New York did not get coronavirus 'under control': Eddie Scarry

>>> Hydroxychloroquine <<<: Doctors For Sanity
Democrat oligarchs block 'Medicare for all' from 2020 draft party platform: Naomi Lim
Trump Issues Executive Orders To Slash Insulin, EpiPen Prices; End ‘Global Freeloading’: DailyWire


Trump Pension Rule Will Benefit Black Americans: Council Nedd II
‘It’ll absolutely shock you’ says Mark Levin of his ‘blockbuster’ show on Dem plan to End the suburbs : Scoop
Why New York business leaders need to push hard to reopen fast: David Bahnsen

Scandal Central

Lou Dobbs and Sidney Powell Swing The Truth Hammer: CTH
Democrats Rush to Change the Narrative as the Rioting They Encouraged Backfires: RS
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..”: American Digest

Biden: If I Lose It’s Because Trump Stole The Election: I&I
Will Chinese Forced Labor Spur Another American Pivot?: Steve Postal
Behind closed doors during one of John Roberts' most surprising years on the Supreme Court: Joan Biskupic (DNN)


1619 Project: pleasing and convenient fictions when marshaled by leftist academics: Jeff Goldstein
Alleging breaches of confidentiality, Covington teen's attorney vows further legal action against CNN and WaPo: Becket Adams
Lincoln Project co-founder met with Trump for campaign role in 2016: Ebony Bowden

How Twitter has colonized and ruined media: Dan Hannan
Jake Tapper plays his role as attack dog for CNN: Zachary Faria
Biden campaign declines 'Fox News Sunday' interview, 1 week after Chris Wallace's Trump sitdown: Fox

Critical Race Comes to the Folger Shakespeare Library: Daniel Greenfield
Fed up Journalist Shreds NYT’s Deceptive Portland Reporting: ‘This Is Why Faith in Media Continues to Plummet’: RS
Brian Stelter Retweeted an Allegation About Nick Sandmann, Then Sandmann’s Lawyer Showed Up: RS


Secretary Pompeo departs from past Chinese engagement policies : CSP
Sweden: The One Chart That Matters: ZH
Relax, Things Can Only Get Worse: American Digest

Iran: The Mullahs Are Excited: Majid Rafizadeh
Trump to nominate retired colonel who downplays Iran threat, points fingers at Jews: JNS
Rodrigo Duterte will not allow US base in Philippines to counter China: Joel Gehrke

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Scientists Find Evidence of Pre-Existing COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 Immunity in General Population: SciTechDaily
Nvidia Surpasses Intel In Market Cap: BattleSwarm
All dogs in Shenzhen, China will get microchipped by 2020: Rita Liao


Same Clowns Who Were Wrong in 2016 Predict Biden, Democrat Sweep: EIB
From Dust Were Ye Made and Dust Ye Shall Be: MOTUS
Wall of Meat Loaf: Earl of Taint


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Anonymous said...

Very good Eulogy for Mike Adams:

Now read the Psalms marking out verses regarding lying lips, perverse speech, and anything that comes out of the heart of man through the mouth and over the lips, and note the effect of these on living people. The antidotes are there as well, the Church should be well versed on this because Paul told us that end time battles were power battles with witchcraft. Wake up, gear up, we're supposed to overcome.