Saturday, July 11, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: It's Not Trump vs. Biden. It's Trump vs. Losing Your Country.

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It's Not Trump vs. Biden. It's Trump vs. Losing Your Country.: EIB
Mark Levin: GOP Should Subpoena Tax Returns of All Supreme Court Justices: Susan Jones
Julián Castro Urges Boycott of Goya Foods After CEO Praised Trump: David Rutz

Trump Right All Along: Fake News Media Really Is The Enemy Of The People: Kylee Zempel
Reflections on Southern Slavery and Leftist Slavery: Daniel Greenfield
WH Report Card: Confusing signals on renaming bases, Biden weaknesses: Paul Bedard

Transcript of Washington Examiner interview with Vice President Mike Pence: Examiner
Mark Levin Warns Democrats 'You'd Better Wake Up': CNSNews
ESPN Reporter to Sen. Hawley: ‘F—k You’ for Criticizing China: Jack Beyrer

House Blunders to Blame for Dems’ Setback in Trump Subpoena Case: Kevin Daley
Mark Levin: BLM is the equivalent of the KKK​:
Supreme Court Decides Half of Oklahoma Has Been an Indian Reservation for Past 113 Years: Zack Smith


Joe Biden's tax plan may wallop the stock market — here's one disturbing estimate: Brian Sozzi
Biden said he wants to ban fracking: Steve Guest
Madison Ave. Business Sues Cuomo, De Blasio for Riots, Estimates $100M in Damages: Tyler O’Neil

Scandal Central

Where the Hell Is John Durham?: Julie Kelly
Durham Must Release the Coup Report Before the Election!: EIB
Brazen Lying Is Media’s Latest Escalation In Campaign Against Trump: Mollie Hemingway

FBI Man at the Heart of Surveillance Abuses Is a Professor of Spying Ethics: Paul Sperry
New Steele evidence strengthens Durham prosecution as frustration over inaction grows: John Solomon
Claire McCaskill’s Multimillionaire Husband Took PPP Loan: Brent Scher


Mark Zuckerberg is getting mauled for standing up for basic free speech: Rich Lowry
If it wasn’t for fake hate..: SDA
NBC Contributor Reveals He Never Had Coronavirus After Network Documented His Recovery: David Rutz

Here Come the Speech Police: David Harsanyi
NFL Again Fumbles Opportunity to Unite America: Ken Blackwell
NY Times’ 1619 Project Stokes Racial Division, but Offers No Real Solutions: Jonathan Butcher


In Hong Kong Security Law, China Asserts Legal Jurisdiction over the Entire World: Jimmy Quinn
China’s southern Jiangxi declares highest flood alert: THT
Chinese order of battle in Aksai Chin: What are we up against?: Indian Express

China, Iran deal eyes a future decoupled from US: AsiaTimes
Mexican Drug Cartel Ramps up Violent Activity: Jack Beyrer
Giant Protests in Russia's Far East After Popular Governor's Arrest: AFP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why In-Person Schooling Would Be One of the Safest Activities to Reopen: Kevin Pham
Why Climate Activists Will Go Nuclear—Or Go Extinct: Michael Shellenberger
Trawling for secrets in haunting films recovered from the bottom of the sea: Aeon


Where Have All the Coins Gone?: William J. Luther
“It’s Pauline Kael’s World, and You’re Living In It.”: MOTUS
Joe Biden’s Cognitive Test Results Are Back: Earl of Taint


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As business owners my group declared that we would endure and be "the last men standing" after the 8 years of Obama. We made it and began to appreciate the recovery but, living in WA State I have to remark that Inslee has destroyed more in the last 5 months than Barry did in 8 years.
Barry killed the Medical Device Industry and sent it to China, and away went one family job. Grand Wizard Inslee has destroyed the infrastructure of work here and killed a City. After 34 years in business, all I want to do now is leave the State.