Thursday, July 02, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Joe Biden’s Puppet-Masters Ready to Abolish the Suburbs

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Seamless Neck Gaiter Headwrap
Joe Biden’s Puppet-Masters Ready to Abolish the Suburbs: Stanley Kurtz
Stop Making Sense: Kurt Schlichter
NAFTA is Dead! USMCA Officially in Effect: CTH

Ironic: China Joe Biden Condemns Trump Stance on Uighur Rights: Nicholas Rowan
Florida Sheriff Willing To Deputize Gun Owners To Stave Off Violence: Cam Edwards
Seattle Police and FBI Clear Out Domestic Terrorist Camp Known as CHOP: CTH

President Trump Interview on Current Political Events: CTH
Reminder: The 2015 Baltimore riots accomplished nothing: George W. Liebmann
Jim Jordan Discusses House Judiciary Effort to Impeach Bill Barr: CTH

Daily coronavirus cases in US top 50,000 in new record: Mike Brest
Several states record deadliest days in weeks as coronavirus cases surge: Cassidy Morrison
NY COVID Board Issue Subpoenas Requiring Depositions With Contact Tracers: CTH


Higher gas taxes and other tax increases to greet Virginians on Wednesday: Tyler Arnold
Private Sector Employment Gains 2,369,000 Jobs in June, Historic Rebound in May: PPD
The future still lies in coal, oil, and nuclear: Salena Zito

Universities Sowing the Seeds of Their Own Obsolescence: Victor Davis Hanson
Scholar forced to resign over study that found police shootings not biased against blacks: College Fix
Dean fired after saying 'EVERYONE'S LIFE MATTERS' in email: Addison Smith

Scandal Central

Flake 2.0: The Nutjob Ben Sasse Rescues Obamagate Conspirators: Julie Kelly
Senior Living Facilities: All the Vote Fraud We Cannot See: Ken Blackwell
Dilbert creator Scott Adams: Republicans will be hunted if Biden is elected: Anthony Leonardi


'Uncle Tom' Doesn't Fall for Left's Biased View of Blacks: NewsMax
New York Times (@NYTimes) Named After Slaver Who Shipped 90,000 Africans to America: Tom Rappert
'Woke' USC brats bully a black woman into resigning from student government: Tiana Lowe

Robert O'Brien: There's a Reason President Trump Wasn't Briefed on the Russia-Taliban Story: Beth Baumann
Unstable BLM Supporter Threatens Stabbing Spree To Prove TikTok Wokeness – Gets Fired, Blames World: CTH
Insufferable Democrat hypocrisy on Guns: Private Security for Them, No Police or Guns For You: John R. Lott, Jr.


How China manages to defy gravity: AT
Russians vote to keep Putin in power until 2036: John Bowden
Taiwan advises its residents to avoid Hong Kong after new national security law passed: ST

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

More evidence that most coronavirus cases are now weaker than the flu: Daniel Horowitz
What if Facebook can’t be fixed?: Chris O’Brien
This Scientist Says He’s Built a Jet Engine That Turns Electricity Directly Into Thrust: Dan Robitzki


Battle of Gettysburg, deadliest battle of the Civil War, began 157 years ago: Ryan Morgan
I’ll Be Watching You: MOTUS
Dark To Light: An Interview With Laura Loomer: Tracy Beanz



commoncents said...

BREAKING! U.S. economy adds 4.8 million jobs in June, vs expected increase of 2.9 million

Anonymous said...

And Seattle is imposing the highest payroll "catch-up tax" ever in their city.

The (Deplorable) MUSEman said...

"This Scientist Says He’s Built a Jet Engine That Turns Electricity Directly Into Thrust: Dan Robitzki"

Couple of observations:
"This Scientist" is from Wuhan University, Hubei Province, China, home to the pandemic. Let's hope their work doesn't electrocute us all, LOL!
Second, engineers have been working on ionic / plasma gas turbine engines for decades.

Just saying.

directorblue said...

Hey, MUSEman, I noticed that! Good catch! Happy 4th to you and yours!

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