Sunday, July 26, 2020

NOW, MORE THAN EVER: "Our Police", by Jack Levin

Given the situation that many -- if not most -- children are being educated in the home, it's imperative that regular Americans use this rare opportunity.

I have a variety of recommendations for kids of all ages, but especially important during these times of Democrat-funded anarchy and terrorism is a basic respect for the institutions of our civil society. Our police, our firefighters and our first responders have enormously difficult jobs to do, even in the best of times.

These are not the best of times. To fight the insane demands and instructions of the teacher's unions (not all members, mind you, but certainly the leadership of Communist front groups like the NEA and AFT), I would suggest reinforcing that sort of respect in our kids.

Our Police, first published in 2018, is intended for ages 4 to 8, preschool to 4th grade, and should be required reading for all kids in this age group. Bestselling author Jack E. Levin, father of multimedia pundit and superstar Mark Levin, both wrote and illustrated this invaluable contribution to the civics education of our youth.

It's inexpensive and compelling. Some kids will want to read it 30 or 40 times with you. If you don't have kids of that age, buy it for grandkids, nieces and nephews, or simply donate it to the local police station or library.

More to come on the education front shortly.

If you ever want to see how insane modern civics education has become, I refer you to a 2018 blog post entitled "TRAVESTY AT MCGRAW-HILL: Third-Grade Civics Textbook Butchers American History. This is the cockamamie crap they're teaching your kids in union-controlled schools.


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