Friday, July 31, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: What Does Susan Rice Bring to a Biden Ticket?

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What Does Susan Rice Bring to a Biden Ticket?: Lee Smith
Operation Warp Speed officials 'excited' about vaccines and therapeutics: Abraham Mahshie
No mechanism exists that I am aware of for delaying a Presidential election: Brian Cates

From Alinsky to AOC: Will Communism Finally Win in America?: Sebastian Gorka
Big Tech Book-Burners Give At Least 6 Bogus Answers to Congress: Lucas Nolan
Republican deficit hawks come off endangered species list: W. James Antle III

City of Seattle Introduces Virulent Anti-White Racism Training: Christopher F. Rufo
Democrats failed to make case in bizarre hearing with William Barr: Jonathan Turley
Ilhan Omar Paid Her Husband’s Firm $600,000 in Three Weeks: Joe Schoffstall


Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance: Heather Mac Donald
How Public Schools Paved The Way For Americans To Believe The Marxist 1619 Project: Auguste Meyrat
Trump touts cherished conservative goal of school choice amid reopening battle: W. James Antle III

Scandal Central

Feinstein: China Is ‘Growing Into a Respectable Nation’: Graham Piro
Ilhan Omar Paid Her Husband’s Firm $600,000 in Three Weeks: Joe Schoffstall
STL Prosecutor Kim Gardner Fundraised Off McCloskey Case. She Should Be Disqualified: Peter Hasson

Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epstein Island, Victim Claims: Cernovich
Come Back, Pizzagate!: SDA
FBI officials hid copies of Russia probe documents fearing Trump interference: book: John Bowden


With silencing of speech, is America entering Orwellian territory?: David Winston
Fox: Movement to Decriminalize Crime Led by Communist DAs Put Into Office by Billionaire George Soros: Ace
‘Never mind, I’ll be quiet’: Joe Biden’s Zoom town hall provides today’s dose of awkward: Twitchy

Obama Vilifies Feds During John Lewis Eulogy in Disgusting Political Screed: Debra Heine
Obama Uses John Lewis Funeral to Call for 'Eliminating the Filibuster': Joel B. Pollak
Thanks for your support, and a recommendation for a movie about false narratives: John Kass


Hong Kong leader postpones elections for a year, citing coronavirus fears: Spencer Neale
Australia delivers sharp rebuke to Beijing: Philip Citowicki
Zimbabwe agrees to pay $3.5 billion compensation to white farmers: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Sun Belt states break records for single-day coronavirus deaths: Cassidy Morrison
Breitbart News Appeals Twitter Account Suspension, 'Review' Drags Out Beyond 48 Hours: Allum Bokhari
Trump taps Defense Production Act to produce generic drugs in the U.S.: Times


RIP Herman Cain: CTH
It Was Awesome: Feral Irishman
Sum Are Dim and Others Are Dimmi-er: MOTUS


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Anonymous said...

Is Jay Inslee a pedophile?
I received an unsolicited campaign phone call against a top contender for Inslee's job last night. It focused on very young women and alleged salacious conduct/questioning by Jay's contender. I shut it down because it was an inappropriate topic, but given Inslee's eagerness to pass legislation teaching sex perversion in elementary schools I had to wonder why this attack ad appealed to Jay enough to run with it.