Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Tens of Thousands of Americans were sacrificed in Dems' insane strategy to get rid of Donald J. Trump

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Tens of Thousands sacrificed in Dems' insane strategy to get rid of Trump: Brian Cates
Watch Dr. Immanuel’s amazing speech: banned from FB, Twitter, YouTube: M. Dowling
Yale epidemiologist: Hydroxychloroquine works, so use it and stop politicizing it: Blaze

6 Big Takeaways From the Attorney General’s Capitol Hill Testimony: Fred Lucas
Are Leftists Addicted to Hate?: Don Rosenberg
FBI: Democrat peaceful protesters embedded nails into powerful fireworks: Bob Price

Murders Continue to Surge in Democrat-Controlled Cities: AWR Hawkins
Portland mayor wants DHS to negotiate with Antifa for a ceasefire: M. Dowling
Seattle’s progressive prescription for rapid urban decay: Jacob Vigdor

The Morning Briefing: The Democrats Plan On Stealing the Election: Stephen Kruiser
Police agencies pulling out of Democratic convention: AP
Democratic attorneys criticize House Judiciary Democrats' questioning of Barr: Marty Johnson


What’s Behind ‘The Plot to Change America’: Rachel del Guidice
Hoyer: On Second Thought, We’d Like To Negotiate On The Unemployment Bonuses: Ed Morrissey
Peter Navarro Outlines White House Initiative on Critical Supply Chains: CTH

Scandal Central

Big Tech, Establishment Media Crush Free Speech Through a Form of Prior Restraint: Joel B. Pollak
Twitter Deletes Tweet by Donald Trump Jr, Limits His Account: VOA
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Doctors' Capitol Hill Presser: Allum Bokhari

Barr’s Testimony May Have Revealed Another Obama-Biden Scandal: Margot Cleveland
AG Bill Barr Outlines the Scope of USAO John Bash “Unmasking” Investigation: CTH
Jim Jordan Opening Statement: “They Are Attacking Bill Barr” to Protect Themselves Obamagate: CTH


What happened to an America where you could freely speak your mind?: John Kass
DOJ Spox Kerri Kupec Discusses Tuesday’s Attorney General Testimony: CTH
400 Million Guns: America Is The Most Heavily Armed Country On The Planet: NatInt


Democrat Traitors Stand by China’s Spy Consulates: Daniel Greenfield
Top Republican senator fears China could defeat US in the West Pacific: Joel Gehrke
Rwandan asylum seeker admits to setting fire to French cathedral: FR24

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Are Lockdowns Necessary? What Data From 10 Countries Show: Daily Signal
White House partners with Kodak to end reliance on Chinese drugs - photo maker to manufacture pharma: JTN
350-year-old memoir tells how Europe’s Jews coped with a 17th-century plague: TOI


Five Reasons To Be Cheerful: Katie Hopkins
Burn Baby, Burn. Or Only Rightwing Flamethrowers Are Terrorists: MOTUS
The Left is Just Lying about Fighting Fascism: Diogenes



Anonymous said...

Every time the Democrats open their mouths they remind America why Trump was elected... he spoke the truth. That evidently is something they can not manage to do.
I encourage Democrats everywhere to plant the seeds many of us are receiving. I planted mine and was stunned in the morning to see tiny little gold coins had dropped like fruit onto the potting soil.
Business is up too, my Company just sold three thousand American made canoes to a little Chinaman named 11 Jinping out of Beijing. I told him through my Gardner that Kayaks are better in rapids but he just said he wished they built ones as good as ours.

Anonymous said...

Trying times brings out the best in good people, and the worst in bad.

Democrats continue to show that they are among the worst of the worst, and that in their positions of power and influence, which they are determined to retain no matter haw many Americans die, that they are the enemy within the gates.

commoncents said...

VIDEO - Don Trump Jr. speaks out about temporary Twitter ban on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’