Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Gen. Flynn: If We Don't Act, 2% of the People Are About To Control the Other 98%

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If We Don't Act, 2% of the People Are About To Control the Other 98%: Michael Flynn
The Communist Mob Isn’t Coming –They’re Already Here: Brian Cates
Sowell to Levin: left-wing ideology 'falls apart like a house of cards' when you demand facts: Joshua Nelson

Amid rioting in Minneapolis, coronavirus cases spike among younger people: Daniel Horowitz
'Audacious, repugnant': Tim Scott describes liberals’ racist attacks on him: Mica Soellner
Biden's Puffballs From the Press: Tim Graham

The Insufferable and Political Media Stupidity Around “The Russian Bounty” Narrative: CTH
Tucker Carlson Begs Republicans to Stop Being Democrats: CTH
More Domestic Terrorism – Armed BLM Terrorists Shoot SUV Driver in Provo Utah: CTH

Dems Delete Tweet Targeting Mount Rushmore over White Supremacy: Matthew Boyle
Sidney Powell: Obama 'takedown' prevented Flynn from exposing CIA corruption: WND
Gun owner who called out Beto wins CO primary ~~ Trump congratulates: Fox

Scandal Central

Russiagate’s Last Gasp: Ray McGovern
Media Are Playing Games Yet Again With Anonymous Russia Leaks: Mollie Hemingway
Sworn Testimony: Planned Parenthood Officials Admit Infanticide Occurs In Organ Harvesting: Madeline Osburn


Another NYT and MSM Hoax: GOP senator calls reporting on Russia bounties 'absolutely inaccurate': TheHill
Media Proven as Hoaxsters Yet Again With Anonymous Russia Leaks: Mollie Hemingway
Democrats Meet with POTUS for Intelligence Update: Sharon Black

Media Are Playing Games Yet Again With Anonymous Russia Leaks: Mollie Hemingway
'He could be Joe’s running mate': Ingraham accuses Fauci of 'working for the Biden campaign': Mike Brest
Cuomo Sides With Violent Mob Against McCloskey, Gets Destroyed: Curtis Houck

Obama admits it: Riots and protests are 'tailor-made' for electing Joe Biden: Monica Showalter
'You’re next’: Armed St. Louis couple speaks out about what really happened and it doesn’t fit left’s narrative: BPR
Dana Loesch defends armed couple smeared as racists: ‘This is what defunding the police looks like’: BPR


Commission calls for State Department investigation into possible Uighur genocide by China: Jerry Dunleavy
China aims to control ports and shipping lanes in Europe and the Arctic: Joel Gehrke
UK: The Horrific Reality of an Islamic No-Go Zone: Mustafa Qadri

Hong Kong police arrest 9 under new security law; fire tear gas, water cannon at thousands: ST
China, India standoff more than a war over rocks: AT
Australia defense spending hike aims at China: Alan Boyd

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Tentacles on cells may help virus spread to other cells: THT
Important: FCC Formally Lists Hauwei and ZTE Technology as National Security Risk: CTH
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Discusses Why FCC Designated Huawei and ZTE as National Security Threats: CTH

Coronavirus mutation has taken over the world. Scientists are trying to understand why.: LMT
Accidental discovery leads to Parkinson’s disease cure in mice: Brianna Sleezer
Fauci’s Remdesivir Costs $9 Per Dose, Will Be Sold at $3,000 per Treatment: Jim Hoft


Firing a Minigun: BattleSwarm
No Biggie, Just the Fate of the World: MOTUS
Veteran comedian and 'Dick Van Dyke Show' star Carl Reiner dies at 98: Variety



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