Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden Admits Obama Was A Failure As President

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Biden Admits Obama Was A Failure As President: I&I
Joe Biden, the Anti-American Candidate: Star Parker
City of Seattle Officially Begins Training on How to be Racist: RS

Good news: Democrat leader Omar calls for dismantling of U.S. Constitution: Pam Key
And Now NYC Wants The Cops To Have “Personal Liability Insurance”: Jazz Shaw
Chief Justice Roberts was hospitalized for head injury after fall last month: Spencer Neale

Charter Schools and Their Enemies: Walter E. Williams
Dems have the sadz as #WuhanVirus deaths continue to plummet in U.S.: Edwin Mora
DOJ Announces Fresh Round of Indictments for Rioters: Katie Pavlich

Tucker Carlson Challenges Democrat Senator Tammy Duckworth: CTH
Liberals reserve tickets to Trump's New Hampshire rally to try making venue look empty: JTN
The Gangsterization of the Democrat Party: Gary Gindler


President Trump Preparing New Executive Order to Rescind DACA Amnesty After SCOTUS Decision: BLP
Foreign students fret over being sent home after US visa rule: THT

Scandal Central

Hong Kong Leader: Biden Victory Means China Wins Against U.S., Game Over: Kyle Olson
Illegal Alien Accused of Raping 7-Year-Old Girl Freed by Maryland Sanctuary County: John Binder
Ilhan Omar has paid new husband’s consulting firm $878,000, filings show: Ebony Bowden

George Soros-backed DA Charges Couple with 'Hate Crime' for Painting Over 'Black Lives Matter': Joel B. Pollak
Democratic candidates benefit from PPP loans they criticized: Emily Larsen
Flynn Case Update: DOJ Provides New Handwritten Notes: CTH


Liberal writers, activists sign open letter calling to end 'cancel culture': Joseph A. Wulfsohn
Netflix Must Cancel Barack Obama: Kevin D. Williamson (Who Blocked Me in 2015 for Mild Criticism)
Cancel Culture Almost Canceled Itself on Tuesday Then Canceled That Idea: Stephen Kruiser


Trump administration notifies Congress that US will withdraw from World Health Organization: Examiner
North Korea is just like China after all: Rob York
The $6 trillion heist avoiding global attention: Raja Murthy

Holocaust Survivor Urges NFL's DeSean Jackson To Visit Nazi Death Camps After Anti-Semitic Quote: Jon Brown
‘They can't compete’: US flexes bombers that can strike mainland China: Joel Gehrke
Cummings to drop in on Britain's most secret defence installations: Latika Bourke

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Scientist: Aliens Are Out There, But Incredibly Rare: Jazz Shaw
Exclusive: Huawei faces 5G ban in Britain within months: Telegraph
Mongolia Quarantines Russian Border Region Over Bubonic Plague Suspicion: Moscow Times


Charging the Rampart: CTH
Don’t Forget to Pack a Lunch: MOTUS
The Greatness of Charlie Daniels: Terry Jeffrey



Anonymous said...

Glad China realizes we can serve up 4000 degree furnaces in which to cook their rats, bats, and mice along with these weaponized viruses.
Drudge is dead to me, a piece of filth, a sewer, the new Tokyo Rose.

Anonymous said...

Ironic that Mayor Durkins "Summer of Love" was brought to an end on I5 by 2 girls, one named Summer, the other Love.
May Nurse Durkin and Cooter Insley wear that jewelry the rest of their lives.

commoncents said...

Inside the wicked saga of Jeffrey Epstein: the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell | 60 Minutes Video