Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: What If It’s All A Lie?

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What If It’s All A Lie?: Kurt Schlichter
Sen. John Kennedy: 'Build a fallout shelter' if Joe Biden is elected: Madison Dibble
Democrats are worried about mail-in voting too: Naomi Lim

Beware America—Crazy Joe Biden Wants to 'Transform' You: Stephen Kruiser
BLM protestors crash church service, assault worshippers: Post Millennial
Harvard Announces 100% Virtual Classes For Students Both On and Off Campus: CTH

What Black Lives Matter Says About White People: Jim Goad
Senior Citizens Will Be the 'Deciding Factor' in 2020 Election: Salena Zito
Black Lives Matter Has No Claim To The Second Amendment: Mark Overstreet

Urban Blues: Joel Kotkin
Supreme Court’s ‘Faithless Electors’ Decision Safeguards Electoral College: Zack Smith
What it’s like to stand up to a police union: Cecilia Iglesias


Spending Clash Ahead: Democrats Prioritize Illegal Aliens, Open Borders, Statue Destruction: Examiner
House GOP under pressure from allies to support planks of Democratic climate plan: Josh Siegel
Cambridge Walk-Out: Whole Foods Employees Boycott Over Facial Mask Policy: Karen Townsend

Scandal Central

Benghazi Terror Attacks Led To Crossfire Hurricane: Chris Farrell
Senator Chuck Grassley Ponders Lack of Durham Response Prior to 2020 Election: CTH
Cuomo: Who Would Have Guessed That COVID-19 Numbers Would Decline After Reopening?: Ed Morrissey


How San Francisco's Democrats made Jim Jones, and then made his memory vanish: Daniel Flynn
If America Is So Racist, Why Are There So Many Race Hoaxes?: Dennis Prager
NFL Embracing BLM Ideals Highlights Its Leadership Void: Jason Whitlock

Fox News' Tucker Carlson Hurls a Question That Democrats Could Never Answer Honestly: Matt Vespa
RIP Charlie Daniels 1936 – 2020: CTH
Media Matters Takes Millions In PPP Aid While Criticizing Trump Coronavirus Response: WFB


Did Israel Set Fire to Iran?: Micaela Burrow
Southcom commander describes Chinese and Russian threats in the Americas: Abraham Mahshie
Italian police seize 14 tonnes of amphetamines allegedly produced by Islamic State: Abc.net.au


Transformed Too Much Or Not Enough?: MOTUS
Rebel Alliance Ground Reports – What’s Your Current COVID Living Status?: CTH
Rush Limbaugh 'Confident' He'll Get Into Extra Innings in Cancer Treatment: NewsMax



commoncents said...

LIVE STREAM: Ringo Starr’s Big Birthday Show!


Anonymous said...

Old Joe Biden is likely the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American People.
Americans must prepare to practice the virtue of total annihilation this November because the vote will be between Trump and Voter Fraud. Send every RAT packing, call out the dogs and send the rest to gitmo. Everything is on the table, everything is at state, everything.