Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden: ‘I Wish’ Schools Taught More About ‘Islamic Faith’

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Biden: ‘I Wish’ Schools Taught More About ‘Islamic Faith’: Henry Rodgers
The Democrats' Self-Fulfilling Nightmare: Richard Fernandez
Charles Jacobs Video: Do Current Black Slaves’ Lives Matter?: FrontpageMag

Brace for the Backlash: Kurt Schlichter
St. Louis couple who brandished weapons at protesters charged: Mike Brest
'Not unprecedented': DHS says it's in Portland to protect federal property: Anna Giaritelli

Widespread Mail-In Voting Would Pour Gasoline on Fires Already Raging in Our Streets: PJM
America Held Hostage: F.H. Buckley
Never Have So Few Done So Much Damage to So Many: EIB

Action Network bonds Antifa, BLM riots, and DNC at the hip: Rich Weinstein
There Is No Alternative to the Police: Daniel Greenfield
“FedEx” Assassin of Epstein Judge’s Son Dead of Suicide: CTH

Chicago alderman says city 'too afraid' to ask Trump for help to stop violence: Emma Colton
Report: DHS to Send 150 Federal Agents to Chicago This Week: Hannity
Justice Department gives update on when to expect 'pivotal' report from John Durham: Daniel Chaitin


Harvard School of Public Health professors: listen to the science and reopen schools now!: Boston Globe
Michigan School Fires Popular Teacher For Saying ‘Trump Is Our President’: Chrissy Clark

Scandal Central

The 'Primary Subsource's' Guide to Russiagate, as Told to the FBI: Eric Felten
Broken Trust? FBI wanted to use White House briefings to spy on Trump, aides, memos show: John Solomon
Flynn attorneys file to oppose Judge Sullivan request for full judge panel to review case dismissal: Joseph Weber

The ‘Primary Subsource’s’ Guide To Russiagate, As Told To The FBI: Eric Felten
Fiery Flynn brief accuses Judge Sullivan of acting on 'vindictive animus,' aims to end case: Fox
Former New York assembly speaker sentenced to more than six years in prison for corruption: Madison Dibble


China Watch: LA Times Publishes Beijing-Funded Propaganda: Chuck Ross
Michelle Malkin beaten by BLM thugs and prevented from speaking at Denver pro-police rally: Peter Barry Chowka
AP says it will capitalize Black but not white: WKBN

Remember the Steele dossier? It went to hell today, barely making news.: Drew Holden
From Asheville to Trashville: Jim Goad
'Flat-out pissed': Mark McCloskey dismayed prosecutor charged him but not rioters and trespassers: Madison Dibble


A New U.S. National Security Strategy: A World Transformed: NatlInt
GOP Sen. Hawley Introduces Anti-Slave-Labor Bill Aimed at China and 'Woke' Brands Like Nike and the NBA: Stephen Green
If Japan Expands Submarine Fleet To 30, It Will Shape The Pacific’s Undersea Defenses: Craig Hooper

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Connecticut: Coronavirus testing flaw causing false positives: Susan Haigh
A Star had a Partial Supernova and Kicked Itself Into a High-Speed Journey Across the Milky Way: Evan Gough
Hacking a Power Supply: Schneier


Useless Money-Saving Tips: Stilton’s Place
The Beach Will Have To Wait: MOTUS
Kamala Ges a Reverse Michael Jackson: Diogenes



The MUSEman said...

"Harvard School of Public Health professors: listen to the science and reopen schools now!: Boston Globe"

When the school with the largest endowment in the entire country - $40.9 Billion - sounds the alarm you KNOW the teachers Unions are starting to get nervous ;-)

Just saying.

commoncents said...

Rush Limbaugh: Huge Scandal 300 Florida COVID Test Sites Reported False 100 Positivity Rate - VIDEO