Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: At WEF, John Kerry Describes Why a “Select Group” of Masterminds Must Rule the World

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 • At WEF, John Kerry Describes Why a “Select Group” of Masterminds Must Rule the World CTH
 • John Kerry At Davos: We Need More of American Taxpayers’ Money Twitchy
 • Special Counsel finds five more classified documents at Biden’s Delaware home Sara Carter
 • The Biden Classified Documents Fiasco: What Do We Know So Far? John G. Malcolm
 • The border crisis lands on Democrats' doorstep Ian Haworth
 • Rainfall totals for parts of the Bay Area so far are staggering Amy Graff
 • White House prepares to drop debt ceiling hammer to smash new GOP majority W. James Antle III
 • A call for legislative obstruction and the politics of ‘No’ Grady Means
 • Subsidy Wars – EU Promises to Match Joe Biden Green New Deal with Even Bigger Govt Spending CTH


 • What is ChatGPT? AI technology sends schools scrambling to preserve learning Lexi Lonas
 • In pictures: South America's 'lithium fields' reveal the dark side of our electric future EuroNews
 • Jesse Singal: Diversity training may be doing more harm than good John Sexton

Scandal Central

 • Why Is The FBI Hiding Seth Rich's Two Laptops? Emerald Robinson
 • Election Fraud Database Tops 1,400 Cases Hans von Spakovsky
 • 12-year-old girl dies after attempting 'choking' TikTok challenge Cami Mondeaux


 • Is MSNBC panicked about Biden documents scandal? David Strom
 • UT blocks students from accessing TikTok The Shill
 • The rise of Rowlingphobia Lauren Smith


 • Ukraine's interior minister among 15 dead in helicopter crash Valentyn Ogirenko
 • US quietly shipping ammo to Ukraine from massive stockpile in Israel — report TOI
 • There were riots in Berlin on New Year's Eve and once again the discussion has turned to immigration John Sexton

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • What Makes Us Different from AI? Akshay Dagar
 • Meta Signs New Deal with Shutterstock Over Usage of Content for AI Creation Tools Andrew Hutchinson
 • The Two Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make on the Rowing Machine Beth Skwarecki


 • Seven Clever Ways to Spark Your Kid’s Creativity Jason Keil
 • Activist: Lotteries are a predatory con targeting the poor Post
 • Some Memes To Get You Through The Day... The Feral Irishman

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