Friday, January 13, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Classified documents found in Biden's Garage

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 • Classified documents found in Biden's Garage Techno Fog
 • Hunter Biden Accessed Garage Where Dad Kept Corvette and Classified Docs Philip Wegmann
 • AG Merrick Garland Timeline Doesn't Match DOJ Claims and Biden Lawyers CTH
 • TF #14: Democrats Pressured Twitter to Censor Stories Exposing Trump-Russia Hoax CTH
 • Tucker Carlson Asks Why are Biden People Telling the DOJ About Biden Classified Documents? CTH
 • 5 Things to Know About Special Counsel Probing Biden's Classified Documents Fred Lucas
 • What Caused the Political Hysteria of the Left? Victor Davis Hanson
 • High schools in Loudoun County also failed to notify students of their Merit Awards John Sexton
 • Chip Roy and other Republicans seek to stop​ US funding of WHO Blaze


 • Big solar goes Big Bust: Largest solar plant in the world dies before it can be built Jo Nova
 • Why Entitlement Reform Is So Hard James C. Capretta
 • Chicago drivers now stuck in traffic congestion more than any other U.S. city ChiBiz [$]

Scandal Central

 • America Needs Truth and Reconciliation on Russiagate Matt Taibbi [$]
 • GOP leaders blast Biden over classified documents at Penn Biden Center: he 'must be held accountable' Fox
 • DOJ Releases 2-Page Appointment Order Detailing Initial Scope of Robert Hur Special Counsel Authority CTH
 • Report: Charges Against Hunter Biden Could Be Imminent Matt Margolis
 • UK: Uranium from Pakistan, suspected of being destined for Iranian nationals, discovered at Heathrow airport JW
 • ‘Twitter Files’ Reveals Corrupt Campaign to Delegitimize GOP Memo on Russia-Trump Probe Tyler O'Neil


 • Don Surber: Media begins squirming over Biden Don Surber
 • Mark Levin analyzes difference between the Biden & Trump classified doc situations Twitchy
 • An ancient spoon stirs American mischief against Israel JNS


 • The Chinese police state is already here John Sexton
 • Japan’s Shift to War Footing War on the Rocks
 • OMG it's not a parody David Strom

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Attacks on Satellites May Trigger Military Response, US and Japanese Officials Say Military
 • Autonomous driving’s future: Convenient and connected McKinsey
 • Potential Paths Forward For GBTC Bitcoin Magazine


 • RIP Lisa Marie Presley, 1968 – 2023 CTH
 • Let's Check In and See How Keith Olbermann's Newest Nervous Breakdown is Coming Along, Shall We? Diogenes
 • Ok Now, Would The Real Author Please Raise Your Hand? Feral Irishman

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