Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Investigating the Investigators

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 • Investigating the Investigators Techno Fog
 • Matt Gaetz, Mad Genius Vodkapundit
 • Real Crisis Demonstrated by Democrat Governor Who Bused Illegal Immigrants Out of State. Jarrett Stepman
 • Hillary Clinton’s College Gig Funded by Chinese Oligarchs Daniel Greenfield
 • Biden DOE rejects bids to restock oil reserve Jazz Shaw
 • Jim Jordan to Lead Select Subcommittee on ‘the Weaponization of the Federal Government’ Debra Heine
 • With Biden in Mexico, Here Comes the Push to Join North American Green New Deal CTH
 • #2A: Over this weekend, a lot of very important legal happenings have occurred Harold Wren
 • Ecuadorian man with 'violent criminal history' arrested in New York after re-entering US illegally Fox
 • 7 Key Reforms in New House Rules Fred Lucas
 • Feds Proposing to Ban Natural Gas Stoves for Cooking CTH
 • McCarthy confirms: Schiff, Swalwell, Omar off of Intel, Foreign Affairs committees Hot Air


 • A Key Lesson in Education Policy: You Don’t Make Peace with Termites George Leef
 • Opponents of school choice claims nuked from orbit Jason Bedrick
 • Biden Grew National Debt $3.67 Trillion in 2 Years, Yet Underfunded Border Protection Terence Jeffrey

Scandal Central

 • NYT Times, Which Means FBI and DOJ, Worried New Church Committee Could Expose Special Counsel Crimes CTH
 • VP Joe Biden Took Classified Documents from White House to Private Office Storage in Washington DC CTH
 • Where Is The FBI Raid Of Joe Biden? Tristan Justice


 • On MSNBC and "Authoritarianism" Matt Taibbi
 • YouTube Censors Doctors, Heritage Foundation Expert for ‘Medical Misinformation’ on COVID-19 Tyler O'Neil
 • Why did Facebook reject The Spectator’s Joe Biden cover? Spectator UK


 • China Cements its Position in the Middle East Judith Bergman
 • 3 Things to Know About Biden’s Trip to Mexico Virginia Allen
 • Iran’s executions of protesters is ‘state-sanctioned killing,’ UN says TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Iran Says Face Recognition Will ID Women Breaking Hijab Laws WIRED
 • Identity Thieves Bypassed Experian Security to View Credit Reports Krebs On Security
 • Rackspace Ransomware Incident Highlights Risks of Relying on Mitigation Alone Dark Reading


 • TSA Finds 4-Foot Boa Constrictor In Passenger’s Bag Suzanne Rowan Kelleher
 • Court To ATF Gun-Grabbers: Bump Stocks Aren’t Machine Guns And You Don’t Make The Rules Margot Cleveland
 • Skipparoo Tuesday Morning Woodsterman

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