Saturday, January 07, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: A Country We No Longer Recognize, a Coup We Never Knew

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 • A Country We No Longer Recognize, a Coup We Never Knew Victor Davis Hanson
 • The Left’s Latest ‘Public Option’ Scheme to Rig Health Care Markets Robert Moffit
 • El Paso Migrant Camps Cleared Ahead of Biden's Visit Julio Rosas
 • Thomas Massie: McCarthy Agreed to Formation of a 'Church Committee' in Speaker Deal RS
 • Chaos on the floor as Kevin McCarthy finally takes the Speaker's gavel Jazz Shaw
 • McCarthy Wins the 15-Round Bout, but Matt Gaetz Is the Real Winner RS
 • Poor People Five Times More Likely Than Average Earner To Be Audited by Biden IRS WFB
 • Colorado Sent Voter Registrations to 31,000 Foreigners Who May Have Voted Federalist
 • How Democrat Adam Schiff abused his power to demand I be kicked off Twitter Paul Sperry


 • Biden Administration Finally Admits How Disastrous Cancelling Keystone XL Was RS
 • Mickey D's fixin' to lay-off workers and reorganize Beege
 • An Age of Decay Chris Buskirk

Scandal Central

 • J6 committee exposes 2,000 Social Security numbers of Republican officials and family Ed Morrissey
 • Will Jordan Peterson Lose His License for Wrongthink? Neeraja Deshpande
 • Where’s The Outrage From Elected Leaders Over The Abuse Of January 6 Prisoners? Tim Meads


 • I will risk my licence to escape social media re-education Jordan Peterson
 • Salon: Republicans arguing over leadership will inspire terrorism David Strom
 • Everything The Media Said We’d Find in Trump’s Tax Returns Bill D'Agostino


 • 'Pay to slay': Biden sued for sending half a billion in Palestinian aid that could fund acts of terrorism Fox
 • Iran Deepens Its Presence Inside Latin America Majid Rafizadeh
 • US Shells Out Another $3 Billion In Military Aid For Ukraine Micaela Burrow

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • China's COVID problem is about to get worse John Sexton
 • China cracks down on social media accounts of COVID policy critics TOI
 • Chart Illustrates Racial Preferences for Admittance into US Medical Schools Mark J. Perry (2017)


 • After 15 Grueling House Speaker Votes, America's Long National Nightmare Can Finally Begin Bee
 • Feel-Good Friday: Flashback to that time Robin Williams warned us about Joe Biden Karen Townsend
 • The Week in Pictures: Speechless Edition Power Line

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